World’s Best Cities Report Puts Canadian Cities Among The Top Urban Destinations

World’s Best Cities Report Puts Canadian Cities Among The Top Urban Destinations

Toronto & four other Canadian cities feature in the World’s Best Cities report 2022. The report is prepared by Resonance Consultancy, a marketing consultant specializing in areas like tourism and real estate.

Toronto’s top 25 finish this year is powered by diversity and education, with its eponymous university, University of Toronto, ranking #9 globally and its residents finishing #20 for the planet’s most educated,” read a statement from Resonance Consultancy.

The report analyzed urban destinations across 195 countries and included Canadian cities of Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, and Ottawa among the top 100 urban destinations in the world. 

Canadian Cities Provide Better International Education & Business Opportunities

Toronto is placed at 24 ahead of Sydney in Australia which is at 25th, Lisbon in Portugal at 37, and Athens in Greece at 53.

Other Canadian cities like Montreal are ranked at 57, Calgary at 65, Vancouver at 69, and Ottawa at 96th are among the top 100 world’s Best Cities. 

Montreal made its place in the top 100 cities due to its response during and after the pandemic. The culture of the city has been ranked high at 22. McGill University in the city got 27th rank while Université de Montréal was ranked 57.

Vancouver is ranked 69 in the global ranking due to its universities, culture, and beauty. 

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada has been ranked 96. The residents of the country have been ranked at 15 due to education. 

There are 1,800 businesses in the cities related to life sciences, technology, software, digital media, software, and aerospace. Thousands of jobs are available in the city and the cost of living is also very low in comparison to other cities in the country.

Canadian Cities are Popular Among Immigrants

According to Statistics Canada, Calgary had welcomed nearly 46% of total immigrants moving to Alberta. During the same period, nearly 81% of total immigrants moving to British Columbia landed in Vancouver and about 76% of immigrants who moved to Ontario chose Toronto as their preferred destination. 

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and is a competitor to Silicon Valley and Seattle in terms of tech jobs and settlements. Since 2013, it has added about 80,100 tech jobs and skilled foreign immigrants were its major beneficiaries. 

Calgary, Alberta is known for heavy establishments such as the oil and gas industry and the same requires a skilled workforce which is fulfilled by foreign skilled Immigration

Vancouver is applauded for maintaining corruption-free public services, a high level of secularism, and greater sensitivity to climate change. Toronto outranked other Canadian cities in healthcare and education services. 

Additionally, a recent study by the Canadian Bureau for International Education ranked Canada’s stability as the number one deciding factor for international students.

Benefits of Canada Immigration now include Gender Equality

Direct PR pathway, favorable policies, and multiculturalism remain to be the marketing words for Canadian immigration. A new criterion is now added to the benefits of Canadian immigration. 

In another report by Bloomberg prepared in 2021, Toronto ranked highly on equality, maternity, and wealth. 

For career women like Lara Zink, gender equity is becoming an increasing imperative. “I had a 20-plus-year career in capital markets at one of Canada’s Big Five banks while raising two children as a single mom, which was both challenging and rewarding,” she says. 

She remarks, “Today most women working in finance in Toronto take up to 12 months maternity leave, and many men are now taking advantage of parental leave policies, too. It goes a long way in reducing the stigma attached to maternity leave for women.”

Qualifying for Canadian Permanent Residency

Canada aims to welcome over 500,000 new permanent residents each year by 2025. 

To explore more about Canadian cities across 13 provinces and 3 territories and determine your chances of qualifying for immigration, contact a certified immigration consultant like CanApprove. 

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