Proposed Bill Could Improve Canada Super Visa for Parents & Grandparents to Stay Longer

Parents & Grandparents

The member of Canadian parliament Kyle Seeback is proposing a new bill to improve the way immigrant parents & grandparents come to Canada. The proposed bill C-242 could bring positive changes to Canada Super Visa.

Canada Super Visa allows parents and grandparents of permanent residents or newly acquired Canadian citizens to visit without having to renew their status. The visas permit multiple entries to Canada over the course of time, presently 10 years.

Much like other Canadian family sponsorship visa programs, Canadians are required to meet minimum income criteria. The parents & grandparents are required to have medical insurance issued by a Canadian company.

Three Changes Proposed to Canada Super Visa

If passed, the bill may allow parents and grandparents to stay for five consecutive years without having to renew their visas, instead of two years presently. The mandatory requirement of purchasing medical insurance from a Canadian insurer could be done away with.

This would allow Canada Super Visa applicants to purchase insurance from other countries, saving them thousands of dollars in insurance costs per year. It could be possible as Canada has a framework for determining which international doctors can give medical clearance certificates. A similar kind of framework could ensure foreign insurers cover the medical costs of their insurees.

Finally, the government could also reduce the threshold income requirements for Canadians wishing to host their parents and grandparents.

As of today, the proposed bill has passed its first and second readings and is now being studied by the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration. The committee conducts studies and makes recommendations to guide immigration policy.

Kyle Seeback is a member of the Conservative Party and also a member of the same Standing Committee. The philosophy behind proposing this bill can be summarized in a few words,

“The view of bringing a parent or a grandparent to stay with you is an economic burden is wrong,” Seeback said, “What I actually found… is that when a parent or grandparent comes it enhances the economic well-being of that family… It can be that they’re providing some reduction of daycare costs because the parent or grandparent is there to help with the family.

Immigration to Canada is also possible with family members such as spouses and dependent children. Read our blog on guide to spousal immigration to Canada from the UAE to learn more.

IRCC Yet to Invite Applications for the Parents & Grandparent Program (PGP) 2022

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are yet to decide on opening the application process this year for the Canada family sponsorship visa. Canada is aiming to welcome 25,000 immigrant applications for PGP 2022. Additionally, 60,000 immigrants under the Parents and Grandparents Program will be targeted over the next two years.

About the Parents and Grandparents Program – Canada Family Sponsorship Visa 2022

Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their parents and grandparents to immigrate to Canada. Parents and grandparents who are approved under this program may obtain permanent residency.

Doors are open to qualifying for Canadian citizenship as well.

Applications for PGP 2022 must fulfil the following conditions:

  • be 18 years of age or older,
  • be Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or status First Nations, and
  • have the means to support the family member they are sponsoring.

Criteria for becoming a successful sponsor may slightly vary in Quebec.

IRCC will process PGP applications in between 20-24 months, even in 2022.

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