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Canada has achieved excellent success in the past with its economic-class immigration programs. Canada Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs have been the major source of skilled immigrants aspiring for permanent residence in Canada. In more recent years, the policy is shifting course to explore ways to improve intakes under the Canada family sponsorship visa programs.

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For instance, the
new mandate letter from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Immigration Minister Sean Fraser asked to explore programs for temporary residence to spouses and children abroad while they await the processing of their permanent residence applications.

As the country is in pursuit to achieve another ambitious annual target of 411,000 landings in 2022, it is equally dependent on family immigration programs. In this blog, we will discuss various sponsorship visa programs to settle with your family in Canada.

Immigrant Children Earn More than Canadian average: Statistics Canada

A new study by Statistics Canada shows most immigrant children enrol themselves for postsecondary education and by virtue of it, make more money after their mid-20s than the overall Canadian population.

To show it in numbers, at age 25, immigrants admitted as children of economic immigrants had about 11% higher median wages ($33,700) than the overall Canadian population ($30,290) of the same age. At age 30, economic immigrant children immigrants had median wages of $55,500, about 29% higher than the overall Canadian population at $42,940.

The findings undoubtedly open a new chapter for aspiring immigrants to settle in the country under Canada family sponsorship visa programs.

Sponsor your Spouse to Canada from the UAE under Canada Family Visa Program 2022

To be eligible to sponsor your spouse to Canada from the UAE including any dependent children, you need to be: 

  • over the age of 18,
  • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and
  • be able to financially support you and your family.

It is possible for Canadian citizens to live in the UAE throughout the spousal immigration to Canada process. However, Permanent residents must apply for spousal sponsorship from inside Canada.

Your spouse may be eligible for an Open Work Permit in Canada while applying for spousal immigration from the UAE.

There is no minimum income cut off for spousal immigration to Canada from the UAE. The threshold on minimum income is decided on a case-by-case basis. It will generally apply to cases where the partner you’re sponsoring has a dependent child. And who also has a dependent child of their own.

Go through our previous blog for documents required and learn more about the factors for the rejection of spousal immigration to Canada from the UAE.

About the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) Canada Family Sponsorship Visa 2022

Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their parents and grandparents to immigrate to Canada. Approved parents and grandparents under this program may obtain permanent residency. Further, doors to apply for Canadian citizenship will also open.

IRCC will process PGP applications in between 20-24 months, even in 2022.

Additionally, IRCC will assess a Sponsor’s Minimum Necessary Income (MNI) to ascertain that they have sufficient income. This is to support all family members for whom they will be financially responsible, including themselves, once they become sponsors.

A signed undertaking for the period of up to 20 years will be required from interested sponsors. This undertaking sets out how long the sponsor will be financially responsible for the family members. And they are sponsoring from the time they become permanent residents of Canada.

Other Canada Family Sponsorship Visa Option

Canada Super Visa is another significant option to consider for family reunification in Canada. The Super Visa allows your parents and grandparents to enter Canada multiple times over a 10 year period.

Apply for Canada Visa through a Certified Consultant

Apply for Canada visa through a recognized and certified immigration consultant. An application for a family sponsorship visa through a certified Canadian immigration consultant will analyze various Canadian immigration programs and suggest suitable options based on the applicants’ work or academic profile.

CanApprove is duly registered and approved by the College for Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). To provide documentation and other services relating to Canadian immigration.

Check Your CRS Scores

Book a free appointment with us to discuss family immigration options to Canada based on your work profile or academic profile.

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