Canada Immigration: More than One Way To Apply for Canada PR in 2022 & Beyond

Apply for Canada PR in 2022

The million-dollar question still remains, ‘when will IRCC resume regular Canada Express Entry draws?’ Since December 2020, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have not issued Express Entry invitations to Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) candidates. Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates have not received invitations to apply for Canada PR since September 2021.

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To give you some perspective, Canada Express Entry is the single largest source of foreign immigrants in Canada since its launch in 2015. FSWP is the most preferred economic-class immigration program under the Express Entry. Off-shore candidates with no prior Canadian experience can apply for Canada PR via FSWP. A recent study estimates that nearly 80 per cent of Canada Express Entry candidates fall under the FSWP category. On the other hand, on-shore applicants with at least one year of work experience in Canada qualify for Canada PR through the CEC program. Mostly, recent international graduates qualify for this economic-class program.

So an internal IRCC memo released last week caused speculation and confusion on how the department will manage Canada Immigration in 2022, more specifically Express Entry in 2022 and beyond. IRCC hints at a possible reduction in Express Entry admissions to accommodate other ministerial and departmental priorities.

While we wait for the new Immigration levels plan to be announced by February 14, 2022, this blog aims to leave you with the best possible way to apply for Canada PR in 2022 & beyond.

Canada Express Entry Draws After the Pandemic

Express Entry draws for Canada PR reinvented itself right after the pandemic. IRCC is now focussing on inviting temporary residents to apply for Canada PR. Such candidates either qualified under Canada Experience Class or under any one of the Provincial Nominee Programs.

A departure from the previous Canada Express Entry draws is noticed. IRCC says 42% of invitations in 2020 went to candidates who had Canadian education, up from 28% in 2019.

So, should you plan your higher studies in Canada to easily qualify for Canada PR?

Click here to read our analysis.

All the invited candidates in Canada Express Entry PNP-draw have demonstrated their connection to a province or territory. It is through familial ties, work experience, or study experience in that province or territory. In order to qualify for the CEC program, temporary skilled workers or recent international graduates must have had at least one year of work experience in Canada.

Off-late, IRCC is giving undue preference to PNP candidates even as major Express Entry programs are still suspended. It is mainly to support and realize the immigration goals of the provinces and territories that otherwise would fail. Canada Express Entry draws in 2021 invited nearly 114,431 immigration candidates to apply for Canada PR.

Current Express Entry Backlogs

Canada Express Entry backlogs have grown due to reasons such as previous travel restrictions. IRCC’s focus to transition those already present in Canada to permanent residence has also added to the backlogs.

An estimated 76,000 Express Entry persons will be on inventory at the start of 2022. The number is significantly high and in principle, IRCC may require no new Express Entry “intake” for at least the first half of 2022.

Apply for Canada PR in 2022 & Beyond

Options like Quebec immigration, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) surfaces as the best alternative for permanent residence in Canada.

Quebec has returned to the target of welcoming over 50,000 immigrants in 2022 after four years of cutting immigration by 20 percent. About 65 percent will arrive through economic-class immigration programs. The major advantage here is that Quebec runs its own immigration program independently of the federal government. However, the final say on who gets permanent residency lies with the federal government.

PNPs are a two-step immigration process to Canada. First, you apply to the province or territory, then if you get a nomination you can use it to apply for permanent residence. Get in touch with CanApprove to learn more about your prospects to apply for Canada PR via PNP.

Canada Immigration Made Simple with CanApprove

However, IRCC will not necessarily stop inviting more Express Entry candidates this year since “intakes” and “invitations” are two different metrics. Due to the prolonged nature of this process, IRCC will continue to issue more Express Entry “invitations” in the meantime.

As a certified immigration consultant, CanApprove will not discourage you to enter the federal Express Entry pool now but offer suggestions to apply for Canada PR in 2022.

CanApprove is a certified immigration consultant by the College of Immigration, and Citizenship Canada (CICC). We take immense pride in helping thousands of immigration candidates achieve their dream of immigration abroad for the last two decades.

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We now invite you to book your free appointment with us today and plan your permanent residence in Canada.

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