Your Spouse Can Qualify for Canada Permanent Residency With Spousal Open Work Permit

Canada Permanent Residency

About 100,000 immigrants to Canada each year come through family sponsorship programs. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) welcome about 80 percent of these immigrants under the Spouses, Partners, and Children Sponsorship Program, simply known as spousal sponsorship. Under this, Canada offers a Spousal Open Work Permit (SOWP) to foreign nationals who are waiting for their spousal sponsorship application to get approved. 

The remaining 20 percent is under the Parents and Grandparents Program.


Canada Spousal Sponsorship Processing Time Returns to 12-month Standard

The latest improvement in Canada’s spousal sponsorship processing time to its 12-month standard for new applicants is a major step forward in post-pandemic recovery. The 12-month spousal sponsorship processing time includes. 

  • the time required for applicants to give biometrics, 
  • for IRCC to assess the sponsor and the person being sponsored, and
  • the time needed to ensure applicants meet eligibility requirements.

Take this free assessment online to determine your chances of immigrating to Canada with family. 

Canada Permanent Residency Through Spousal Open Work Permit

One of the major benefits of obtaining a spousal open work permit is that it can lead to Canada permanent residency. 

As IRCC takes upto 12 months to process the spousal sponsorship application, foreign nationals can utilize this time and work in Canada. Unlike other close work permits options in Canada, open work permits allow holders to work in any occupation for any employer in Canada. The employer is also relieved of the mandatory Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before hiring a SOWP holder. 

This gives a lot of time for spousal open work permit holders to gain at least one year of Canadian work experience. This is a necessary condition to qualify for Canada Experience Class under the Express Entry system for Canada PR. 

Eligibility for Spousal Sponsorship 

To sponsor your spouse to Canada from Dubai (UAE) including any dependent children, you need to be: 

  • over the age of 18, 
  • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and 
  • be able to financially support you and your family. 
  • cannot be receiving social assistance for reasons other than a disability.

It is possible for Canadian citizens to live in the UAE throughout the spousal immigration from Dubai process. However, Permanent residents can only apply for spousal sponsorship from inside Canada. 

There is no minimum income cut off for spousal immigration from Dubai. The threshold for minimum income is decided on a case-by-case basis. 

Where to Begin? 

The documents required by foreign nationals for spousal sponsorship will depend on residency status, where they are applying from, and maybe even your travel history. 

Presently, you are asked to fill out the travel history form, called the IMM 5562. There you report all of the trips you have taken out of the UAE over the past 10 years. Also, if you were ever divorced in the UAE, IRCC asks for the original “Final irrevocable divorce” or “Final divorce judgment” document.

The above requirements can be overwhelming to follow and there are more to come. Visiting a certified immigration consultant can help you understand the documentation process better, if not have them do it on your behalf. 

CanApprove is duly registered and approved by the College for Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) to provide documentation and other services relating to Canadian immigration. 

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