The Canadian Nursing Sector is Calling 60,000 Nurses to Migrate to Canada!

60000 Nurses to Migrate

Canada, a hotspot destination for individuals who look forward to pursue a high standard of living has been inviting skilled workers under various occupations in order to meet the labour shortages. The country needs individuals who are experts in skilled fields of occupation. One such field the country is facing a huge demand and needs immediate attention is the Canadian Nursing Sector.

Canadian Nurses Association, one of the most well-known nursing groups within the country in its recent report said that Canada will be facing a great shortage of nurses by 2022 and the only way to overcome this would be to invite an approximate of 60,000 nurses! The increasing population has left Canada with no choice but to take in more skilled nurses who could meet the province’s demands.

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Programs that Can Help You Immigrate to Canada as a Nurse: –

As to the question under which immigration pathway you should be opting to immigrate to Canada as a nurse, we have listed below a few immigration pathways for you:

  • Express Entry System
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  1. The Express Entry System: –

Introduced during the year 2015, the Canadian Federal Express Entry System has played a noteworthy role in meeting the immigration targets of the country. Being an applicant, you should have met the basic eligibility (67 points out of 100) and should have cleared an IELTS Exam before you create an Express Entry Profile. Once the profile is being created and you get CRS Scores, you will receive an Invitation to Apply provided you meet the minimum cut-off CRS Scores during the draw.

  1. Provincial Nominee Programs: –

Every single Canadian province (except a few) has a provincial nominee program which helps the province to nominate candidates from the Express Entry Pool for a Canadian PR. You can either apply for a provincial nomination if you are willing to move to a specific province (which our experts will assist you with) or you will get a provincial nomination certificate from the province provided you meet the requirements. On any of the either happening, you get 600 additional CRS Scores which increases your chances to get a Canadian PR.

  1. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program: –

Unlike the other Canadian provinces, Quebec has its own immigration programs. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is one ideal program which helps you immigrate to Canada as a nurse. The plus side, when compared to the Express Entry System is that you need not show any proof of funds and an Educational Credential Assessment is not required under QSWP.

Requirements to Become a Registered Nurse in Canada: –

Before you start to work in Canada as a nurse, it is paramount that you get yourself registered as a nurse and below mentioned are the eligibility criteria you should be meeting:

  • You should be having proof of English language proficiency.
  • You should have completed an appropriate educational program which is equivalent to either a nursing diploma or a bachelor’s degree program.
  • You should have completed NCLEX-RN or CPNRE Exams (this depends on whether you choose to be a Registered Nurse or a Practical Nurse).
  • You should have already worked as a nurse before you immigrate to Canada.

*Get in touch with us to know more details about how to register yourself as a nurse.

Benefits of Being a Nurse in Canada: –

Working as a nurse in Canada can introduce you to a huge number of benefits of which some are being mentioned below:

  • Working in Canada as a nurse can get you paid well.
  • You get to enjoy medical benefits.
  • Being a nurse in Canada can help you enjoy abundant pension plan benefits.
  • Flexible work timings, sick leave benefits and what not!

The Canadian Nursing Sector is one of the most invaluable sectors you could be working in and Canadian Nurses are known for the abundant benefits they receive. Working in Canada as a nurse means you get to work in one of the best healthcare systems the world has ever seen.

If you are interested to immigrate to Canada as a nurse, get in touch with our team of experts and check your eligibility to migrate for free today!

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