Canada Urges Skilled IT Professionals to Migrate Immediately!

Canada Urges Skilled IT Professionals to Migrate Immediately!

We live in a world where technology surges & evolves and every now and then, a start-up company emerges looking out for IT professionals who could play a pivotal role within the company. And with technology growing every single day, there are certain cities & countries that grow with it. One such country that has been showing extraordinary growth in recent years is Canada. Canada has now become the hotspot tech destination with giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft & more., This has a pretty much-paved path for IT Professionals to migrate to Canada from all other parts of the world.

As the Canadian IT Sector grows, grows with it the demand for Skilled IT Professionals. Canada is a country which is quite well-known for its advancement in clean technology, healthcare, IT sector & more which has been contributing to the economic growth of the province. The enormous growth of the IT Sector has brought forth a situation where Canada faces a great demand for IT Skilled Professionals. Below listed are the top In-demand IT Skilled jobs for the year 2019 (along with their National Occupational Classification Code) for your reference:

  • IT Managers (0213)
  • Quality Assurance Analyst (2171)
  • IT Business Analyst (2171)
  • Help Desk Analyst (2282)
  • Web Developer (2175)
  • System Administrator (2281)
  • Data Analyst (2172) & more.,

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Other IT Related Jobs in Canada: –

  • Computer Networks Manager
  • Systems Consultants
  • System Integration Consultants
  • Technical Support Supervisor
  • Data Warehouse Analyst
  • Web Designer
  • Computer Software Design Manager
  • Software Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Computer Help Desk Representative
  • Software Technical Support Analyst & more., (It should be understood that the mentioned is not the complete list of IT Related jobs in Canada. These are only a few of the many).

How Do You Get to Migrate to Canada as an IT Professional?

Though there exists abundant Canadian Immigration Pathways, we bring to you some of the most opted & easily pursued ways to migrate to Canada.

The Express Entry System: Introduced during the year 2015, the Canadian Express Entry System has played a noteworthy role in helping the Canadian Government meet its immigration targets. The Express Entry System is responsible for Canada’s three most economic immigration programs – the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Canadian Experience Class and the Federal Skilled Trades Program. Creating an Express Entry Profile would be the first step to immigrate to Canada.

The Provincial Nominee Programs: Provincial Nominee Programs are programs which help the province to nominate candidates who seem to meet the labour market shortage within the Express Entry Pool. For example, consider British Columbia looking for a Web Developer. The province looks into the Express Entry Pool and finds an individual and sends him/her a provincial nominee certificate. This would give 600 additional CRS Scores to the individual, increasing their chances to get an Invitation to Apply for a Canadian PR.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program: Unlike the other Canadian provinces, Quebec has its own immigration program called the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Individuals who wish to immigrate will be assessed and will receive a Quebec Selection certificate after which he/she can immigrate to Canada.

What You Get Working in Canada?

Working in Canada not only increases your exposure and your career standards but also brings to you abundant benefits along with it. A few have been mentioned for you:

  • Obtain a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa provided you stay for three years.
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Excellent & Free Medical Healthcare System
  • Opportunity to live in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Perfect balance between work & life and more.

Canadian Immigration has been the dream for many individuals but only a few get the opportunity to pursue it. With the opportunity right ahead in front of you and if you are an IT Professional, you should consider making use of this ideal opportunity right away!

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