Proven Tips that Could Skyrocket your CRS Scores Above 1000!

Tips to boost your CRS score

You read that right! Comprehensive Ranking System Scores, more popularly known as the CRS Scores among immigrant aspirants is one key factor that decides whether you will be making it to Canada or not! And that’s why you have to be quite serious about your CRS Scores if you want to immigrate to Canada.

The Comprehensive Ranking System Scores every individual gets is based on his/her work experience, age, education, language proficiency and certain other adaptability factors. It is these scores that play a major role in the Express Entry Draws. So, if you are already in the Express Entry Pool and you feel that you should have had higher scores in order to improve your chances to obtain an Invitation to Apply, not to worry because it’s never too late to do improvements. We’ve listed out and explained five proven tips that could help improve your CRS Scores. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries.

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  1. Improve Your English Language Proficiency: –

Language Proficiency is one important factor that could make a difference. IELTS is most probably the common Language Proficiency Test every individual would have taken. Though obtaining a CLB 7 makes you eligible to enter the Express Entry Pool, this might not be sufficient enough to get you an Invitation to Apply. Consider getting a higher CLB Score like CLB 9. It could be quite difficult but not impossible. With the right kind of efforts & practice, CLB 9 is something achievable and could be of great help in boosting your CRS Scores.

  1. Obtain a Provincial Nomination: –

Receiving a Provincial Nomination Certificate is completely up to the province. At times, a province could have looked into your profile within the Express Entry Pool and you could be a candidate meeting the province’s needs which paves way for you to get a provincial nomination certificate. The other way is, you directly could apply to a province for a provincial nomination certificate and on receiving the same, you get 600 additional CRS Scores to your total, increasing your CRS Scores to a great extent.

  1. Have with You an Employment Offer: –

Obtaining an employment offer from a Canadian employer not only increases your CRS Score but also reduces half your work when you land in Canada. A valid employment offer gives you 200 CRS scores which gives you an edge over the other candidates in the Express Entry Pool.

  1. Go for an Extra Graduation: –

It’s okay if you have got your basic graduation. Try getting another and this time, try doing it in Canada. Take the time to choose a course that would be extremely rewarding for your career. Pursuing an extra course in Canada will not only improve your Comprehensive Ranking System Scores but also will make it easy for you to obtain a job in Canada. If you want suggestions on what courses you should be choosing to study in Canada, get in touch with our experts now!

  1. Increase Your Work Experience: –

Your Work Experience could be a valuable asset if you manage to make the most out of it. Having sufficient years of Canadian work experience can add CRS Scores to your total. So, try not to lose those additional points you are about to get.

“The Better Your CRS Scores Are, the Higher Are Your Chances to Get an Invitation to Apply”

Increasing your CRS could improve your chances to immigrate to Canada, allowing you to receive an Invitation to Apply much quicker than you possibly could think. If you are looking forward to immigrate to Canada or you have any related queries, get in touch with our team of experts and get a free counselling!

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