Fraud Prevention Month: Protect Yourself From Immigration Fraud

Prevent Immigration Fraud

You may have seen ads that guarantee and ensure work permits and paying jobs in Canada. Some offer grants to learn at Canadian colleges or universities. Potential newcomers to Canada ought to know that numerous offers like these are fraudulent. Actually, utilizing the services of people who make such guarantees may bring about your application to Canada being rejected. Sadly, migration-related fraud is a common happening. Unscrupulous people frequently target outside nationals in attempts to obtain cash or individual data. Foreign nationals are encouraged to play it safe to avoid becoming victims of immigration fraud.

In general, be careful with any correspondence that cases to be from USCIS, DHS, or another immigration agency and that requests cash or individual data to acquire an advantage or cure a purported violation in status. If you get a correspondence that you believe is suspect, please contact your assigned Fragomen professional.

Canada’s immigration system depends on fairness. Each application gets equal consideration. Nobody has unique connections, and nobody can guarantee your application will be given exceptional treatment or certification that it will be approved. Ensure the individual you contract is straightforward, authentic and just performs essential non-legal immigration services for a little expense. Keep in mind, immigration consultants and immigration assistance service providers are not lawyers, they don’t work for a Board of Movement Appeals (BIA) perceived non-benefit association, and they can’t give legal advice and legal services.

Prevent Immigration Fraud

Try not to trust individuals who claim to have a special relationship with USCIS or who ensures results or faster processing. If you use an immigration consultant or an immigration assistance service provider, get and keep a composed contract. The agreement ought to be in English and in your native language. The agreement should list every one of the services that will be given to you and how much each service costs.

Request references before you sign the agreement. Ensure you completely understand the contract before you sign it and that you can cancel it within 72 hours of signing it. Keep a duplicate of the agreement for your records. Avoid paying money for the services of an immigration consultant or an immigration assistance service provider. Utilize an individual check, affirmed check or Visa to pay for services of an immigration consultant or an immigration assistance service provider. Make sure you get a receipt whenever you make a payment and ensure that the receipt has the office or provider’s name and address on it.

Never give your original documents (birth certificates, passports, or other archives) to any individual who is helping you with immigration matters. Ensure that you only give copies of unique archives to a migration specialist or an immigration assistance service provider. Never sign a blank form, application or request. Ensure that you read and understand the application, form, or petition being filed for you with USCIS or other government organizations. Never sign any immigration document or other report that you do not understand. Try not to sign any structures, applications, or papers containing any false articulations or erroneous data. Above all ensure that the data you provide on forms, applications or papers is honest and totally exact and contains no false explanations or mistakes.

It is always better to go for a reputed and reliable immigration consultant like CanApprove to avoid these sorts of cheating experiences. If you have been cheated by any fraud team, you can also get specialized help from authentic establishments like CanApprove, immigrant rights groups etc.

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