Limited Liability Company Dubai (LLC)

People who look forward to trade in the regions of UAE often end up incorporating a Dubai Mainland LLC Company. Acquiring an LLC Company in Dubai has its own benefits and characteristics and is unlike the other investment programs.

Requirements to Run an LLC Company in Dubai?

  • A Limited Liability Company should require a minimum of two individuals to start & run the company.
  • You should know that 51% of the shares must be owned by a person belonging to the United Arab Emirates and the Foreign National gets to own only 49% of the shares.
  • The minimum capital requirement would be 300,000 dirhams, either in the form of cash or kind (usage of goods or service instead of cash).
  • The capital amount should be divided into equal shares and the value of each share must not be above 1,000 dirhams.
  • Passport copies of the shareholders and director’s passports.
  • The Ministry of Trade should approve the registration of the company.

Advantages of a Limited Liability Company (LLC): –

  • No corporate tax and VAT imposed on products that are imported & exported.
  • Opening International Corporate Bank Account becomes easy.
  • You can buy property in regions of UAE without any number restrictions.
  • You get a UAE resident visa on acquiring & running an LLC in Dubai.
  • The individual can make use of the knowledge of the local Emirati which could help grow your business.
  • Business activities can be managed with very least or no external interference.