Offshore Company Dubai

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is well-known for its diverse economic landscape making it one of the most popular & feasible set-ups for entrepreneurs who look forward to start a business in the UAE. The region is an ideal business environment for free zone company setup which is fully fledged & customizable. Stats say that Ras Al Kamiah has over 13,000 MNC’s from 100 plus countries covering 50 plus industries. Global Free Zones declared & awarded RAK as the most cost-effective economic zone during the year 2017.

Advantages of Setting Up a Free Zone Company in RAK: –

Setting up a RAK Offshore Company could yield the entrepreneur a lot of benefits and is also the easiest way for a foreign individual to start a business in the United Arab Emirates. Though an offshore company cannot carry out activities in the UAE, there are a lot of other benefits that make this considerable. The benefits of setting up a free zone company in RAK are mentioned below:
  • The cost of maintenance is quite low and there are no annual audits & reporting requirements that are expensive.
  • You can hold shares in international, free zone or local companies
  • You get to have 100% ownership over your business.
  • There is 0% tax which includes Corporation Tax, VAT and Income Tax.
  • The opportunity for business to get consistent access to both local & international markets in countries like Middle East, Central Asia etc.
  • A communication network that is well-established & a solid banking infrastructure could help your business achieve greater strides.
  • Confidentiality is considered & treated as a top priority here.
  • The business requires only one shareholder and a director.
  • Registration procedures are quite fast & simple.