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Decoding New Migration Strategy for Australia

Decoding New Migration Strategy for Australia: Australia Migration Strategy for 2024 is here! Ever thought about a country’s dreams? They’re not just in its landscapes or skylines; they’re also woven into its migration plans. Think of it this way: a country, like Australia, faces a future where the number of new births is reducing. To stay young, vibrant, and economically strong, it needs an infusion of fresh skills and energies from across the globe.

Australia has been quietly ambitious in this realm. It is understood that a country’s strength lies not just in its resources but in the talents it attracts. In December 2023, Australia unveiled its latest migration strategy, a roadmap aiming not just to fill job vacancies but to secure its future, prevent an aging workforce, and stay dynamic on the world stage.

In this blog, we will unpack the new migration strategy for Australia, exploring how it aims to fuel growth, address domestic needs, and keep the nation youthful in spirit and workforce.

First, let’s check the main objectives of the strategy.

The main objectives of the New Migration Strategy for Australia are:

Australia Migration Strategy

🔴Better Lives for Australians: Boosting productivity, filling skill gaps, and promoting exports to improve living standards.

🔴Fair Work Environment: Ensuring fair jobs, wages, and conditions for all workers while preventing migrant worker exploitation.

🔴Stronger Communities: Planning migration intake to build stronger Australian communities and offering migrants opportunities for long-term investment through residency and citizenship.

🔴Global Relationships: Strengthening economic and social ties within the region and with international partners.

🔴Efficient System: Making the migration system faster, fairer, and more efficient for both migrants and employers.

The Australian government announced 8 key actions in the Government’s Migration Strategy roadmap that were developed through extensive consultation with business, unions, international education, civil society, and many Australians.

The 8 key actions are:

Australia Migration Strategy

1️⃣ Temporary Skilled Migration: Creating a new visa called ‘Skills in Demand’ with three ways for skilled workers to come to Australia. This includes a pathway for highly skilled workers in technology or green energy, a simpler list of jobs Australia needs, and better rules to help workers move around for jobs while preventing exploitation.

2️⃣ Permanent Skilled Migration: Changing the rules for permanent skilled migration, considering a new points system, and introducing a ‘Talent and Innovation’ visa for people who can help important industries grow.

3️⃣ International Education Quality: Making education standards better for international students, making sure graduates fill skill gaps, and preventing students from being stuck in temporary situations forever. This involves higher English requirements, more checks on risky visa applications, and support for students and graduates.

4️⃣ Fighting Worker Exploitation: Creating stronger laws and rules to stop employers from mistreating workers and using visas wrongly. There’s also a plan for a public list of employers who follow the rules properly.

5️⃣ Smart Migration Planning: Planning long-term migration based on good information and working closely with different parts of Australia to make sure people with the right skills go where they’re needed most.

6️⃣ Regional Support: Giving more priority to visas for people who want to work in regional Australia, making sure rules for visas in these areas are fair, and checking that migration helps regional development without exploiting workers.

7️⃣ Strengthening Ties:  Building closer connections with nearby countries includes making it easier for New Zealanders to become citizens. Additionally, it involves increasing the movement of people between Australia and countries in the Pacific and Southeast Asia.

8️⃣ Simplifying the System:  Making the whole migration system easier by simplifying visa rules and reducing unnecessary complications.

Amidst these unprecedented times, Australia’s proactive immigration is a compelling model for countries seeking diverse talent. This strategy not only fosters a vibrant economy but also reaffirms Australia’s welcoming and progressive global stance.


Ultimately, Australia’s fresh migration plan sets a path for a better tomorrow. It’s all about getting the right skills, being fair, supporting education, and making friends globally. To learn more about these changes, reaching out to CanApprove can help you navigate Australia’s new migration landscape.. Explore Australia’s changing migration landscape with CanApprove for expert guidance and personalized support on recent updates.

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Recent Australian Immigration Trends Promising More Skilled Worker Intakes In 2023 & Beyond

Expert commentaries and news from Australia continue to note the policies tilting towards economic-class immigration to support major skills gaps among local businesses. 

In 2020–21, the Australian immigration program outcome delivered 160,052 places – up 14.0 percent from the 140,366 places in 2019–20. About 50% (79,620 places) came from the Skill streams. 

Skilled visa to Australia requirements is based on points secured against various human capital factors like age, education, language proficiency, work experience, and more. 

Top Australian Immigration Trends Favoring Moving to Australia in 2023

We are seeing complementary and interesting recent Australian immigration trends that will reaffirm your decision to move to Australia soon. Here’s us presenting the top three immigration trends that also promise to boost permanent residency chances in Australia.  

  1. Permanent residency in Australia intakes increased to 195,000 places

The Australian government added another 35,000 places to the previous permanent residency in Australia’s annual intake targets in a bid to address the growing skills & labor shortage in the country. 

The government has increased places in almost all Australian visa subclasses, making pathways for permanent residency in Australia accessible to many. 

These targets will be valid for the year ending June 30, 2023. However, experts believe that Australia continue with similar or more targets in near future. 

  1. Australia posts 480,100 job vacancies in May 2022

Australia noted about 480,100 job vacancies as of May 2022. This is nearly a 100 percent increase from February 2020. Australia is currently facing skill shortages in different industries like Manufacturing, Retail, Tourism, Tech industry & Healthcare. 

Business Councils in Australia have even proposed to increase the Australian migration annual intake to over 220,000 places. Experts view this as an increase in the migrant cap that will most likely benefit these industries. 

  1. Australian census data for 2021 shows more dependency of tech & healthcare industries on immigration

The new 2021 Australia Census data shows Migration to Australia is helping close the skills gap in the tech workforce. 

Nealy two-thirds of Software and Applications Programmers were born overseas. Software and Applications Programmers are the third most common occupation for recent overseas arrivals, with 24,000 arriving since 2016.

Additionally, the health and community services workforce grew by 50 percent in the previous decade to August 2021 – almost 600,000 extra employees. 

Interestingly, more than four in 10 nurses and carers were born overseas. 

  1. Higher female representation in ICT jobs

One in five ICT Professionals and ICT Managers is female. This is great news for immigrant females from Asian countries who aspire to take up high-paying careers. 

Interestingly, one in three ICT Managers and ICT Business and Systems Analysts in Australia are female workers who are under the age of 30.  

  1. Unrestricted entry to Australia open since July 06, 2022

Australia was the only country that had implemented the strictest border restrictions following the onset of the pandemic in 2020. But from July 06, the nation removed all of its mandatory rules such as proof of vaccination or negative test report to enter. 

The unrestricted border entry to Australia comes at a crucial time when the county is expecting to expedite Australian student visa processing times & other skilled worker programs. This will also address the visa backlog issue which is currently slowing down the country’s foreign skilled worker intake.

  1. Boosting international student intake 

Following policy changes will facilitate more international student intake in 2023

  • Subclass 485 visa applications in the Graduate Work stream will no longer require nominating a skilled occupation and obtaining an assessment.
  • Job Ready Program (JRP) for international students will move from a four-step to a three-step program. This will save time and money for many international students.

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Migrate to Australia from Dubai in 2022

Australia is now open to welcoming all valid visa holders to enter the country. The travel restrictions lifted nearly two years since the pandemic. Subsequently, it has made plans to migrate to Australia from Dubai in 2022 easier for interested aspirants.


As we are just in the first quarter of the year 2022, even more changes are anticipated for Australian immigration. Here is a summary of the upcoming changes that could prove useful in planning your migration to Australia from Dubai in the near future since Australia is now open. We cover upcoming changes to International Student migration, the Regional Migration Program, and more.

This blog is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Before proceeding, we strongly urge you to take specialist advice for your specific circumstances. You can click here for expert opinion on case-basis.

Student & Temporary Graduate Visas for Australian Immigration

In a media release dated 19 January 2022, the Australian Government announced the refund of Visa Application Charge (VAC) for student visa holders who arrive in Australia between 19 January 2022 and 19 March 2022. The secondary visa holders are also included. In addition to it, the government has also removed the working hours limitation for student visa holders across all sectors.

In a separate media release dated 18 January 2022, developments around Temporary Graduate subclass 485 visa are discussed. It includes an extension of the visa validity period favouring current and former visa holders impacted by COVID-19 travel restrictions

All these measures would remain in effect until a further review in April 2022.

Meanwhile, Universities in Australia & New Zealand are open to welcoming International Students for new intakes in 2022. Australian universities thrive in research, particularly in the arts and humanities, education, and sciences. It not only has eight institutions ranked among the top 100 in the world, but it also has an excellent studying atmosphere. Courses in the arts, education, and humanities are often less expensive, whereas topics such as engineering and medicine are more expensive. Postgraduate studies usually involve higher tuition rates, and prices vary depending on the program.

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Regional Migration Programs Making Way for Permanent Residency in Australia

Australia is likely to commence the Subclass 191 visa in November 2022. It will then when the first batch of eligible visa holders be invited to apply for permanent residency in Australia.

The recently introduced Subclass 191 visa corresponds to a permanent visa for skilled workers under the subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa and the subclass 494 Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa. Eligible candidates are nominated based on their relevant work experience, English language proficiency, and age limits (unless an exemption applies).

The media release also announced that subclass 489, 491, and 494 visa holders impacted by COVID-19 travel restrictions will have their visas extended by 3 years.

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The possible emergence of new variants of COVID-19 brings a greater degree of variability in relaxing travel restrictions in Australia. While the present stance of Australia is to welcome all doubly-vaccinated visa holders to enter the country, travelling in and out of Australia will still depend on the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia and overseas countries.

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Migration Reboot in Australia Despite Border Restrictions Until 17 December 2021

Earlier in the month of September, the Australian Government had extended its current border restrictions until 17 December 2021. 

Those without citizenship or permanent residency remain barred from entering Australia unless they had a specific exemption. Interestingly, this restriction also serves as a de facto ban on leaving the country for long-term residents of Australia on temporary visas as they have no right to return.

Australia immigration
Australia preparing to reopen its international borders next month. Temporary migration likely to resume in the near future, let’s look into your best options of migration to Australia for work or study. 

Australia Plans Migration Reboot to Address Worker Shortages

In October, business groups in Australia had strongly demanded doubling the number of intakes to 200,000 a year under the Australia Skilled Migration Program. Endorsed by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it will lead to avoiding labour shortages and expertise, useful for reviving the economy. 

“From construction workers to chefs, engineers to educators, and mechanics to managers, approximately one in three skilled occupations could be facing shortages if we don’t shift the dial on migration soon,”.  Mr Andrew McKellar, wrote this in the chamber’s chief executive in the Australian Financial Review. 

Infrastructure Australia, a government advisory body, has predicted a shortage of 105,000 workers by mid-2023. This is figure is crucial to ensuring Australia achieves its big-spending infrastructure building projects.

Officials in New South Wales have reportedly advised the Premier that Australia should bring in two million people over the next five years to strengthen the economy.

International students will be allowed to enter Australia in a phased and restricted manner. Discover exciting study abroad options by contacting our expert overseas education counselor today. 

South Australia Immigration: New Engineering Occupations Open to Offshore Applicants

South Australia covers some of the aridest parts of the continent. The state’s capital is Adelaide and is the most populated region as well as concentrated with high-skilled immigrants and foreign business investors.

In an effort to support temporary immigration to Australia. an additional 70 skilled occupations are already open to applicants currently residing offshore from Tuesday 28 September 2021. An additional 24 Engineering occupations were made open to applicants currently residing offshore from November 02. 

The minimum requirements for state nomination for these occupations include:

  • Minimum eight years work experience in the nominated or closely related occupation.
  • Demonstration of a Superior English proficiency. 
  • At least 85 points for the Skilled Work Regional visa (subclass 491) in the Department of Home Affairs points test.

Choosing Canada over Australia for Immigration 

About 4% of the population in Australia, say about a million, were temporary visa holders in 2019. Many were students that took part-time jobs, providing shops and businesses with a large supply of cheap labour. In 2019, Australia capped the number of permanent visas at 160,000. This means that only a fraction of them would be able to become permanent residents.

Border closures had forced Australia from filling its land with immigrants to asking a million of them to leave. Even Canada’s population growth was slashed to the slowest pace in more than a century, but as restrictions eased the nation in July welcomed the largest number of newcomers since at least 2015, and repeated the same feature in September

The government is aiming to add more than 400,000 new permanent residents each year by 2023. 

An immigration couple like Percsy and Agh, as reported in Bloomberg would once have been prime migrants for Australia. But as the couple studied to get the qualification and points to qualify for permanent residency. The goalposts shifted again, due to pandemic. Eventually, the couple realized they would never reach a new level. They caught in a policy shift that saw the intake of skilled independent workers slashed to 6,500 people, from 46,000. They finally gave up hope and are moving to Canada, which offered them a permanent visa.

Like Australia, Canada also relies on large numbers of immigrants and foreign students, and workers on temporary visas. But in contrast with Australia, Canada continued to persuade tens of thousands of those temporary foreign workers to get permanent resident status even during the pandemic. 

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