Canada Labour Market for Immigrants: Work & Canada PR Options in 2022

labour market for immigrants

The COVID-19 pandemic may have impacted immigration levels in Canada. But a closer look suggests that the COVID recession is different. Canada labour market for immigrants continues to have a bright future irrespective of whether they recently landed or will be landing in the near future.

Why Immigration to Canada in 2022 is Brighter than Ever?

Canada is pursuing an ambitious immigration plan of welcoming over 1 million new economic-class immigrants over the next three years. This calls for us to explore three major factors that are keeping the spirits of immigration to Canada high and Canada may achieve the annuals target.

Ageing Demography Resulting in More Retirements

Canada has about 20 million workers, of whom about 9 million are baby boomers. All 9 million of these baby boomers will reach Canada’s retirement age of 65 within the next decade. More of them are retiring which is leaving a larger gap in the labor market. This will create huge chances in Canada Labour Market for Immigrants.

Historically, Canada has been able to fully replace retirees with young Canadian graduates completing their education and entering the workforce but this is no longer the case. Canada’s low birth rate means it must rely on other sources of talent to replace its retiring workers.

This twin demographic shock is overwhelmingly fulfilled by immigration to Canada of foreign skilled workers. Canada has been able to sustain higher immigration levels in the past. Prior to the pandemic, immigrants comprised up to 100% of Canada’s annual labor force growth and this will become the norm over the next decade.

More Competitive Immigration Selection Process

Over the recent years, the Canadian federal, provincial, and territorial governments have updated their immigrant selection criteria to account more for human capital factors. This is backed by research that claims to result in stronger economic outcomes for immigrants in Canada.

For example, immigration to Canada under Express Entry prefers candidates who are young (25-35 years), well-educated, fluent in English and/or French, and with professional work experience. Other bonuses such as having Canadian education and/or work experience result in higher assessment points.

This increases the chances of obtaining permanent residence and ultimately better outcomes in the Canada labour market for immigrants.

Canadian Government Investing in Immigrant Settlement

The latest federal budget for 2022 promises some $2 billion per year to settle more than 400,000 new permanent residents annually. As a result, IRCC is increasing its investments in improving Canada labour market for immigrants through settlement services such as workforce and language training.

These services are also delivered pre-arrival to give immigrants useful information and support to help expedite the settlement process once they arrive in Canada.

Benefits of Canada Immigration

Direct PR pathway, favourable policies, and multiculturalism remain to be the marketing words for Canadian immigration. A new criterion is now added to the benefits of Canada immigration. Toronto ranked highly on equality, maternity, and wealth.

For career women like Lara Zink, gender equity is becoming an increasing imperative. “I had a 20-plus-year career in capital markets at one of Canada’s Big Five banks while raising two children as a single mom, which was both challenging and rewarding,” she says.

She remarks, “Today most women working in finance in Toronto take up to 12 months maternity leave, and many men are now taking advantage of parental leave policies, too. It goes a long way in reducing the stigma attached to maternity leave for women.”

Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai

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