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Canada Labour Market for Immigrants: Work & Canada PR Options in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic may have impacted immigration levels in Canada. But a closer look suggests that the COVID recession is different. Canada labour market for immigrants continues to have a bright future irrespective of whether they recently landed or will be landing in the near future.

Why Immigration to Canada in 2022 is Brighter than Ever?

Canada is pursuing an ambitious immigration plan of welcoming over 1 million new economic-class immigrants over the next three years. This calls for us to explore three major factors that are keeping the spirits of immigration to Canada high and Canada may achieve the annuals target.

Ageing Demography Resulting in More Retirements

Canada has about 20 million workers, of whom about 9 million are baby boomers. All 9 million of these baby boomers will reach Canada’s retirement age of 65 within the next decade. More of them are retiring which is leaving a larger gap in the labor market. This will create huge chances in Canada Labour Market for Immigrants.

Historically, Canada has been able to fully replace retirees with young Canadian graduates completing their education and entering the workforce but this is no longer the case. Canada’s low birth rate means it must rely on other sources of talent to replace its retiring workers.

This twin demographic shock is overwhelmingly fulfilled by immigration to Canada of foreign skilled workers. Canada has been able to sustain higher immigration levels in the past. Prior to the pandemic, immigrants comprised up to 100% of Canada’s annual labor force growth and this will become the norm over the next decade.

More Competitive Immigration Selection Process

Over the recent years, the Canadian federal, provincial, and territorial governments have updated their immigrant selection criteria to account more for human capital factors. This is backed by research that claims to result in stronger economic outcomes for immigrants in Canada.

For example, immigration to Canada under Express Entry prefers candidates who are young (25-35 years), well-educated, fluent in English and/or French, and with professional work experience. Other bonuses such as having Canadian education and/or work experience result in higher assessment points.

This increases the chances of obtaining permanent residence and ultimately better outcomes in the Canada labour market for immigrants.

Canadian Government Investing in Immigrant Settlement

The latest federal budget for 2022 promises some $2 billion per year to settle more than 400,000 new permanent residents annually. As a result, IRCC is increasing its investments in improving Canada labour market for immigrants through settlement services such as workforce and language training.

These services are also delivered pre-arrival to give immigrants useful information and support to help expedite the settlement process once they arrive in Canada.

Benefits of Canada Immigration

Direct PR pathway, favourable policies, and multiculturalism remain to be the marketing words for Canadian immigration. A new criterion is now added to the benefits of Canada immigration. Toronto ranked highly on equality, maternity, and wealth.

For career women like Lara Zink, gender equity is becoming an increasing imperative. “I had a 20-plus-year career in capital markets at one of Canada’s Big Five banks while raising two children as a single mom, which was both challenging and rewarding,” she says.

She remarks, “Today most women working in finance in Toronto take up to 12 months maternity leave, and many men are now taking advantage of parental leave policies, too. It goes a long way in reducing the stigma attached to maternity leave for women.”

Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai

The government treats all Canadian immigration applicants alike, whether applied through self or through a representative.

Keeping this spirit, many aspirants apply through themselves only to get rejected later due to the nature of the documentation process and other requirements. Here is where you would need timely and genuine guidance from a certified immigration consultant.

Among the best immigration consultants in Dubai, CanApprove can help you & highly recommended if you have been:

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Immigration to Canada Without a Job Offer for Software Engineers and Data Analysts

In recent times, Canada is experiencing a tight labor market with a more competitive selection process for immigration to Canada. More candidates are now selected to apply for Canada permanent residency from within the country to meet its ambitious immigration levels of over 400,000 new immigrants every year. And the latest federal Budget 2022 reiterates the fact that Canada is spending more money to help immigrants succeed.

As the Canadian economy is recovering post-pandemic, unemployment levels among Canadian immigrants are also falling to a historic low. This is once again opening up opportunities for offshore skilled workers to find suitable work or study opportunities in Canada.

The rapidly expanding tech & information industry in Canada has expressed the need for foreign talent in fields like Software Engineering and Data Analytics. Keep reading to find out your possibility to immigrate to Canada as a Software Engineer or Data Analyst and without a job offer.

Existing Programs for Tech Worker Immigration to Canada

Software Engineers and Data Analysts are in-demand occupations in Canada. Even the provincial labour market attracts foreign skilled workers in high numbers. Provincial Nominee Programs from British Columbia & Ontario nominate eligible candidates to immigrate to Canada as Software Engineer or Data Analyst via provincial nominations.

The Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver continues to be the hub of rising Tech jobs & welcoming foreign skilled workers to Canada. Canadian provinces Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia are the most preferred provinces by tech workers for Canadian immigrants without a job offers.

Further, if you enter the federal Express Entry pool with a successful nomination, your chances of receiving a Canada permanent residency is effectively guaranteed. This is because an additional 600 points are added to the Express Entry candidate’s overall Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

For instance, the latest Canada Express Entry draws invited 919 candidates having provincial nominations to apply for Canada permanent residency. The qualifying score stood at CRS 785. It effectively meant that invited candidates had to score above 185 in core human factors like age, work experience, language proficiency, and education.

The best part of applying for Canada PR through Express Entry is that candidates require no prior job offer in Canada.

Canada Permanent Residency Through Proposed ‘High Potential Tech Visa’

The Council of Canadian Innovators released its Talent and Skills Strategy in which it supports increasing immigration levels of skilled workers like Software Engineers and Data Analysts to support Canada’s growing tech industry.

The CCI is calling on the federal government to launch a new visa pilot that would allow high-skilled tech workers to immigrate to Canada without a job offer. It should allow the visa holders to work, switch between jobs, and help them qualify for Canada permanent residency seamlessly. This pilot is based on a similar program proposed in the UK, which would allow software developers, engineers, or data scientists to enter the country without a job offer.

Presently, Canada processes temporary residence, and work permit applications for high-skilled tech workers under the Global Skills Strategy in less than two weeks. Global Talent Stream is a popular employer-sponsored work permit program under this strategy. The council proposes offshore applicants having experience in select in-demand tech occupations to qualify for permanent residence through this employer-sponsored Global Talent Stream.

Top Tech Jobs in Canada 2022

While the job positions in Canada for Tech workers are plenty, the shortage of skilled laborers is a cause of worry for several local employers. You can grab this opportunity by exploring your choice of Tech job opportunity in Canada.

  • Software Engineer
  • Developers & Programmers
  • IT Project Manager
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • IT Business Analyst
  • Network Administrator
  • Technical Support Specialist

Average Salary of Software Engineers in Canada

For 2022, the average annual salary is an estimated $81,750 while the lowest in this field can earn an average salary of $55,000. Also, the region-wise average annual salary is tabulated below:

British Columbia CA $103,950
Alberta CA $100,000
Quebec CA $98,750
Ontario CA $90,000
Nova Scotia CA $58,000

Canada immigration can be complex and confusing if applied on your own. It may also lead to frequent rejections due to a lack of required documentation. You need to visit a CICC – certified immigration consultant like CanApprove to begin your process of immigration to Canada.

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கனடா 2021 – 2023 க்கான தனது இம்மிகிரேஷன் லெவல் திட்டத்தை வெளியிட்டது

கனடா 2021-2023 ஆம் ஆண்டிற்கான தனது இம்மிகிரேஷன் லெவல் திட்டத்தை வெளியிடுவதன் மூலம் அக்டோபர் மாதம் ஒரு வரலாற்றுக் குறிப்புடன் முடிவடைகிறது.

இதில் என்ன வரலாற்றுக்குறிப்பு இருக்க முடியும்? என உங்கள் மனம் வினவுவதை உணர முடிகிறது.

அது என்னவென்றால், 2023 வரை ஒவ்வொரு ஆண்டும் 400,000 க்கும் மேற்பட்ட புலம்பெயர்ந்தோரை நிரந்தர வதிவிடத்திற்காக கனடா வரவேற்கத்திட்டமிட்டு அதை அறிவித்திருப்பது இதுவே முதல் முறையாகும்.

canada Pnp finder

புலம்பெயர விரும்புவோரை வரவேற்கும் கனடாவின் திட்டம் குறித்த ஸ்னாப்ஷாட் கீழே உள்ளது:

  • 2021: 401,000 பேர்க்கு கனடா PR
  • 2022: 411,000 பேர்க்கு கனடா PR
  • 2023: 421,000 பேர்க்கு கனடா PR

கனடாவில் பர்மனண்ட் ரெசிடண்ட் விசாவைப் பெற உங்கள் தகுதியை தெரிந்து கொள்ள எங்களுடைய இலவச ஆன்லைன் மதிப்பீட்டுச்சேவையை பயன்படுத்திக்கொள்ளவும்.

எந்தவொரு வெளிநாட்டவரும் பணி அனுபவமோ அல்லது வேலைக்கான அழைப்புச்சான்றிதலோ இல்லாமல் கனடா PR க்கு விண்ணப்பிக்கலாம்.


எகானமிக் இம்மிகிரேஷன் மீது கவனம் செலுத்தவும்

அறிவிக்கப்பட்ட 2021-2023 இம்மிகிரேஷன் லெவல் திட்டத்தின் கீழ், குடிபெயர விரும்புவோரில் 60 சதவீதம் பேர் எகனாமிக் கிளாஸ் (Economic Class) எனும் திட்டத்தின் கீழுள்ள எக்ஸ்பிரஸ் என்ட்ரி (Express Entry) மற்றும் ப்ரோவுன்ஷியல் நாமினி ப்ரோக்ராம் (PNP) ஆகியவற்றின் மூலம் அனுமதிக்கப்படுவார்கள்.









திட்டமிடப்பட்ட சேர்க்கை-இலக்குகள்













பெடரல் ஏகினோமிக், ப்ரொவின்ஷியல் /டெரரிட்டோரியல் நாமினீஸ்












பேமிலி ரீயூனிபிகேஷன்









முன்னதாக மார்ச் மாதத்தில், உலகம் முழுவதும் ஊரடங்கு அமல்படுத்தப்படுவதற்கு ஒரு வாரத்திற்கு முன்பு, கனடா 2020 இல் புலம்பெயர விரும்பும் 341,000 பேரை வரவேற்பதாக உறுதியளித்தது.

இலக்குகள் பூர்த்தி செய்யப்படவில்லை என்றாலும், எக்ஸ்பிரஸ் என்ட்ரி ட்ரா 100000 கும் மேற்பட்ட அழைப்பிதழ்களை அனுப்பும் என்று எதிர்பார்க்கப்படுகிறது.


பயண கட்டுப்பாடுகள் ஒரு மேலும் மாதத்திற்கு நீட்டிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது

கனடா, நடப்பில் உள்ள பயணக் கட்டுப்பாடுகளை நவம்பர் 30 வரை மேலும் ஒரு மாதம் நீட்டிக்கிறது. இந்த பயணக் கட்டுப்பாடுகள் மார்ச் 18 முதல் அமலில் உள்ளன.

அப்போதிருந்து, இம்மிகிரேஷன் பாதிக்கப்படாமல் இருக்க பல திட்டங்களும, தளர்வுகளும் கொண்டு வரப்பட்டுள்ளன.

சிலருக்கு பயணக் கட்டுப்பாடுகளிலிருந்து விலக்கு அளிக்கப்படுகிறது. விலக்கு பட்டியலை இங்கே பார்க்கவும்.

CRS Calculator

கனடாவில், பொதுமக்களின் இம்மிகிரேஷன் குறித்த அபிப்ராயம் எப்போதும் ஊக்கமாகவே காணப்படுகிறது. வெளிநாட்டவரை எப்போதும் மக்கள் ஆதரவளித்து வரவேற்கின்றனர் என்பது மகிழ்ச்சி அளிக்கிறது.

கனடா தனது பொருளாதாரத்தை மீண்டும் கட்டியெழுப்பவும், வயதான மக்கள் தொகை மற்றும் குறைந்த பிறப்பு விகிதம் போன்ற நாட்டில் உள்ள பிரச்சினைகளை தீர்க்கவும் அதிக வெளிநாட்டவரை வரவேற்க திட்டமிட்டுள்ளது.

வெளிநாட்டவர்களை வரவேற்று குடியுரிமை அளிப்பதில் பிற நாடுகளை பின்னுக்குத்தள்ளி கனடா முதலிடம் வகிக்கிறது. புலம்பெயர விரும்புவோரின் மற்ற விருப்பங்களான ஆஸ்திரேலியா மற்றும் அமெரிக்கா, 4 மற்றும் 6 வது இடங்களில் உள்ளன.

கனடா விசா வாங்க ஆவலாக உள்ளீர்களா? கனடா வரவேற்க உள்ள புலம் பெயர விரும்புவோரின் பட்டியலின் நீங்களும் இருக்க வேண்டுமா? இன்றே CanApprove ஐ தொடர்பு கொள்ளுங்கள். CanApprove இரண்டு தசாப்தங்களுக்கும் மேலாக செயல்பட்டுவரும் ICCRC -பதிவு செய்யப்பட்ட, நம்பகமான இம்மிகிரேஷன் கன்சல்டண்சி ஆகும்.

எங்கள் நிபுணர்களுடன் உங்கள் சந்திப்பை பதிவுசெய்து கனடாவுக்கு குடிபெயர உங்கள் திட்டத்தை தொடங்குங்கள்.


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Canada federal elections and the future of immigration!

Canadians have re-elected the Liberal Party to power and favored Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to return to his office in Ottawa in the much-awaited federal elections that took place on October 21, 2019.

However, the Liberals under whom the Canadian economy grew with plenty of new jobs as well as the record integration of newcomers to Canada, will now only form a minority government. A minority occurs when no party has crossed the majority number which is 170 seats in the Canadian Parliament.

Should this have an effect on Canada Immigration policies?

The formation of a minority government at the federal level will give at least one smaller party an opportunity to dictate the Liberals to its will. The experts believe that immigration policy may be one such area where this influence could be more pronounced. However, all the major parties in Canada support liberal immigration in one form or the other and so, an adverse change in policies is less likely to happen. 

Keeping that in mind, let’s have a general outlook on immigration from the point of view of major parties that will have their representations in the 43rd Canadian Parliament:

The Liberals: the winner

They had a few interesting proposals regarding the future of Canada’s immigration policy: 

  • A responsible increase in immigration levels to 350,000 permanent residents by 2021 and potentially to 450,000 annually in the upcoming years.
  • Mooted the idea of the Municipal Nominee Program which would allow smaller Canadian cities and towns to nominate people and families for immigration to Canada, on par with the existing Provincial Nominee Programs. 
  • Giving more impetus to the Atlantic Immigration Program, thereby making it permanent. 
  • Reducing the cost of applying for Canadian citizenship for permanent residents to zero. 
  • Potential expansion of Student Direct Stream to include more source countries. 

With the Liberals forming the new government, it may be expected that some of the above proposals become law. However, the Liberals must gather enough support in the House of Commons which could potentially come from the NDP.

Take this free assessment before you begin planning your Canada Immigration. 

The Conservatives: second-highest in seat tally

The Conservatives gave economic immigration to Canada a new direction by first launching the Express Entry back in 2015. It was the Conservatives who also introduced the open work scheme for the sponsored persons in Canada in 2014. The Conservatives may only push for minor changes in eligibility requirements and no heavy demands for changes in immigration targets will be accepted from them. The Conservatives are equally receptive to International students and would continue to support their routes to settle in Canada long-term. 

Bloc Québécois

The Bloc party predominantly represents the French-speaking province of Quebec. The party has had major gains in this election and would likely continue to support greater devolved powers over immigration to include family reunification. One can expect increased immigration to Quebec in this term. 

New Democratic Party (NDP)

With the formation of a minority government at the federal level and growing relations with the Liberals, family reunification may be given a major boost. Removing the cap on parents and grandparents and reduce processing times for applicants, including spouses and common-law partners have been the biggest priority for the NDP. 

Green Party & People’s Party of Canada (PPC)

The Green Party favors economic permanent residence programs over temporary programs. People’s Party of Canada, an offshoot of the Conservatives, also is in favor of boosting economic immigration. It is expected from these parties that their demands in the Parliament will most likely be to push long-term economic immigration to Canada. 

What is in-store for those who have already moved to Canada?

Newcomers already in Canada may expect better health care and education support for the new government. Announced before the elections, an additional $9 million investment over three years is to improve the employment prospects of minority newcomer women. Tax reduction proposals will save an average family nearly $600 a year. 

The Liberals have always seen Foreign workers and international students in Canada as permanent residents and citizens of tomorrow and thus, the same treatment is set to continue.

If you are looking to Immigration to Canada, now is certainly the right time to kick-start the process by contacting us and letting us handle your Canadian immigration.