Guide to Spousal Immigration to Canada from the UAE

Spousal Immigration to Canada from the UAE

The Emirates, or popularly the UAE, occupies the fifth position In the list of the country of residence of most successful Canadian immigration candidates via Express Entry. This busts a popular myth that Canada is only attracting immigration aspirants from lower-income countries.

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While the UAE itself boasts high immigration, its tiered visa system mostly favours temporary residence. Despite the high quality of life to its residents, many Emirati citizens, as well as foreign ex-pats, choose to settle in Canada for reasons including:

  • high-paying career opportunities for skilled and tech workers,
  • a direct & easy pathway to permanent residence & eventually citizenship,
  • better social benefits like universal health care and high-quality education, and finally, a pleasant climate.

In pursuit of welcoming economic-class immigrants to support its economy, Canada has also taken care of their well-being by offering easy family immigration programs. This guide to spousal immigration to Canada from the UAE will give you an overview of how to proceed.

Sponsor your Spouse

To be eligible to sponsor your spouse to Canada from the UAE including any dependent children, you need to be:

  • over the age of 18,
  • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and
  • be able to financially support you and your family.

It is possible for Canadian citizens to live in the UAE throughout the spousal immigration to Canada process. However, Permanent residents must apply for spousal sponsorship from inside Canada.

Your spouse may be eligible for an Open Work Permit in Canada while applying for spousal immigration from the UAE.

There is no minimum income cut off for spousal immigration to Canada from the UAE. It will generally apply to cases where the partner you’re sponsoring has a dependent child who also has a dependent child of their own.

Also, you cannot be receiving social assistance for reasons other than a disability to be eligible. However, if you’re receiving maternity, parental, or sickness benefits, you may still be eligible to sponsor.

Documents Needed for Spousal Immigration to Canada from the UAE

The documents required for foreign nationals will depend on residency status, where they are applying from, and maybe even your travel history.

Presently, you need to fill out the travel history form, called the IMM 5562. There you report all of the trips you have taken out of the UAE over the past 10 years. Additionally, a military service form, known as the IMM 5546, is applicable for anyone in your application who has ever served in the military, army, defence, or police unit.

Also, if you were ever divorced in the UAE, IRCC asks for the original “Final irrevocable divorce” or “Final divorce judgment” document.

Since the government regularly updates these guidelines, it is best to view up-to-date information here. Another interactive tool from the government department is this document checklist. Use it to double-check before submitting all the documents.

You may also get in touch with a registered immigration consultant for simplified advice.

Ineligibility for Spousal Immigration to Canada

Beyond violent criminal offences, sponsors may be inadmissible for non-criminal reasons like loan default. If you sponsored a previous spouse within three years of your application.

You cannot sponsor a new spouse within five years of your landing if you were a sponsored spouse and now turned PR holder.

The immigration officer in charge of your application for spousal immigration to Canada from the UAE will be keen to determine the genuineness of your relationship. Do not get married for the sole purpose of getting Canadian permanent residency status. Canada has reportedly identified many such immigration frauds in recent times.

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