What’s In-store for Tech Professionals To Immigrate To Canada in 2021?

Tech Professionals To Immigrate To Canada in 2021

The tech sector in Canada is witnessing a huge demand for foreign tech workers to work & settle in the country. This would not only help in the economic recovery of Canada but also mitigate the effects of the aging demography Canada was experiencing before the pandemic. 

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As per a recent report by Randstad, Canada’s tech industry is a major economic driver, continuing to expand in the near future as well. The report looks at how pandemic has accelerated investment in digital infrastructure and made consumers rely on online companies for essential services. This is expected to sustain the demand for tech workers in Canada. 


Further, another study by Statistics Canada compared immigration and Canada employment rates and wages data between 2000 and 2019. The outcomes are more than encouraging for any prospective immigrants choosing to work and settle in Canada permanently. Click here to know more. 


If you have skills and expertise in related tech occupations, you’ll have your pick of employers in many of Canada’s largest cities! Continue to read more.  


Top Tech Jobs in Canada in 2021

It’s no surprise employers in Canada are now actively looking for IT analysts and leaders with the expertise to help them steer through the pandemic crisis. New job roles focused on data security and networking are also surfacing to safeguard company data when everyone is moving online.



Here is a brief outlook on the top 10 demanding tech jobs in Canada for foreign workers to consider while immigrating in 2021. 


Average Salaries for Top Tech Occupations in Canada
Occupation Average Salary (CAD) Occupation Average Salary (CAD)
Software Developer $42,178 to $112,125 Network Engineer $47,600 to $110,600
Digital Media Specialist $48,800 to $112,495 IT Project Manager $64,291 to $140,634
Data Science Specialist $54,800 to $112,495  IT Business Analyst $46,800 to $112,495
Security Analysts & Architects $46,800 to $112,495 Database Analyst $37,537 to $109,005
Business Systems Analyst $48,750 to $124,683  Quality Assurance Analyst $46,800 to $112,495


  1. Software Developer: Full-stack developers with a range of front and back-end skills are especially sought after by employers in Canada. Developing skills like Java, Python, and .NET are among the top preferred that employers look for.


  1. Project Manager: IT managers who are adept at balancing deadlines and budgets with solid technical IT knowledge are always in demand. Additional certifications with PMP, PMI, or Scrum Master categories can land them good-paying jobs in Canada. 


  1. Business Analyst: Business analysts are in demand across verticals, however, those with specialization in tech and software analysis are in especially high demand in Canada in 2021. 


  1. Business Systems Analyst: It is not to be confused with the broader business analyst role. Business system analyst is a new entry on the list of best IT jobs in Canada for 2021. Such professionals focus on the creation and implementation of specific systems for their employers. 


  1. Database Analyst: Businesses are overwhelmed by the amount of data that is being generated online and they rely on specific individuals with specific skills set to make decisions based on it. Especially during the pandemic when budgets are tight, database analysts have a strong position in the Canadian job market.  


  1. Quality Assurance Analyst: In times where companies are thinking frugal and innovating upon production stage, quality assurance analyst ensures that software building is bug-free and user friendly.   


  1. Security Analysts & Architecture: An emerging field and most sought-after occupation in 2021, companies are willing to spend a lot more than before on securing corporate data security breaches. They do a lot more than just scrutinize their employers’ systems and data collection processes but also determine how to mitigate breaches to safeguard customer data.


  1. Network Engineer: With remote working becoming the necessity overnight, the demand for network engineers to oversee planning and upgrades for their employer’s IT network and setup have shot up. 


Take this free assessment online to determine your best immigration option depending on your work profile. 



In-Demand Skills & Certifications Required To Secure A Tech Job in Canada in 2021


The top three in-demand skills in Canada remain to be coding-related. Any foreign candidates strong in coding will have a strong position in the candidate=driven tech job market in Canada. Additionally, the inclusion of cloud technologies in the top in-demand skills list has signaled the shift in the growing digitalization of the economy. 


Looking at the top certifications that may add value to your position in seeking a job in Canada is dominated by IT certification. It is no doubt that companies are preferring candidates with leading IT skills to steer through the challenges brought upon them due to the pandemic. 


Java Linux Project Management Professionals (PMP) Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
JavaScript SQL Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
Python C#/.NET CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
C/C++ Cloud Technologies Information Assurance Management (IAM)


To know more about current openings in Canada’s tech job market & your best immigration options to qualify, contact CanApprove today. 


Options for Tech Professionals To Immigrate to Canada in 2021

Foreign skilled workers even without any work experience inside Canada may stand a chance to qualify for permanent residency through the Express Entry system. It will depend upon their age, education, work experience outside Canada, and language proficiency in English or French. 


In some other cases, specific provincial programs like British Columbia Tech Pilot, Ontario Tech Piot. the Alberta Express Entry stream, Manitoba Skilled Workers Overseas, Saskatchewan Occupation-In demand stream picks eligible skilled workers to apply for provincial nomination. A provincial nomination will quicken your process of obtaining permanent residency


Not just experienced professionals, but young international students who are planning on studying abroad may choose Canada. The country is lauded world-over for its quality education and easier immigration policies. In fact, as per a report, over 30% of international students who got Canadian bachelor’s degrees and almost 50% of international students who graduated with master’s degrees became permanent residents (PR) within 10 years since they got their study permit.


CanApprove has been the regional leader in providing trusted immigration and overseas education consultancy for more than two decades. We can help you expedite your visa documentation process, career counseling, overseas education counseling, pre-departure & post-arrival immigration support, and much more. 

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