Canada To Remain Appealing To Global Talent For Easy Immigration

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Canada welcomed hundreds and thousands of skilled immigrants, international students, and business entrepreneurs prior to the current pandemic.  

To bring things into perspective, over one million new permanent residents, temporary foreign workers, and international students arrive in Canada each year.   


Typically, immigrants coming from various countries are attracted to Canada’s open immigration system, and local attitude towards immigration. Moreover, International students have comprised an even larger share of Canada’s newcomers. This is primarily because such students are often younger than experienced professionals. They can be skilled and retained in Canada after their graduation to help build the economy. 

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Canada Will Sustain Higher Immigration Levels Even After The Pandemic

Even though the pandemic has significantly impacted the chances of welcoming new immigrants, the interest among future immigrants choosing Canada has increased. This stems from the positive hopes and grand measures that the Canadian government has been rolling out from time to time since the border closure and travel restrictions were first announced in March 2020. 

For instance, World Education Services (WES) in 2020 surveyed a handful of prospective immigrants and noted heightened interest among them to relocate to Canada despite the pandemic. Further, its findings are summarized as follows: 

  • interest in immigration to Canada increased between April and August among prospective immigrants; 
  • the number of respondents planning to delay immigration dropped considerably;
  • prospective immigrants expect economic conditions in their home country to be worse than in Canada. 

Canada wants to welcome immigrants from all corners of the globe and currently has exemptions in place for groups such as temporary foreign workers, international students, family members of Canadian citizens, and permanent residents, among others. They are being welcomed to apply for immigration through regular conduct of nomination draws both under Express Entry as well as Provincial Nominee Programs. 

Additionally, Canada and its mighty neighbour the USA have higher rates of vaccinations. It would then enable the two countries to seriously consider lifting the border restrictions that have blunted growth in the Canadian economy. This may lead to newer work opportunities for prospective immigrants as they should then be able to enjoy the fruits of a stronger Canadian economy.

With the incoming waves of pandemics here to stay longer, the future of immigration seems stranded. However, Canada & Australia remains to be the two most prominent destinations that will always strive to maintain a healthy intake of skilled workers, alongside providing them better career and life opportunities.  

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