Immigrants Make Canada The G7’s Most Educated Country: StatsCan Report

Immigrants Make Canada The G7’s Most Educated Country: StatsCan Report

The larger share of the immigrant population with a college or university credential makes Canada the most educated among the G7 countries, according to a report from Statistics Canada (StatsCan)

The G7 group of developed countries attracts skilled immigrants from all over the world and includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, and the US. The European Union (EU) is also a non-enumerated member. 

Immigration-Led Growth in the Canadian Workforce

StatsCan rank Canada first in the G7 for the highest share (57.5%) of working-age people (aged 25 to 64) with a college or university credential. 

Recent immigrants made up nearly half of the growth in the share of Canadians with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

In the last five years (2016 to 2021), the working-age population in Canada saw an increase of nearly one-fifth (+19.1%), and all with a bachelor’s degree or higher. Canada has been successful in attracting newcomers in the fields of healthcare and computer and information science during this period. 

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Canada’s CRS Points System Boosted Educated Immigrants 

Immigrants with a bachelor’s degree or higher get preferred because of CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System scores.

Canada’s most preferred pathway for permanent residency, Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Program ranks registered profiles according to the CRS scores. 

Under the CRS, applicants are awarded more points for higher academic qualifications. It can make a significant impact on whether to issue an Invitation to Apply (ITA) or not.

The Canadian federal authorities invite the highest-ranked candidates and issue them ITA for Canada PR.

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Canada Focuses on Immigration-Led Population Growth

StatsCan in another report noted 94.5% of the Q2 growth in Canada’s population came from the rise in immigration. 

International migration accounted for adding 118,114 people to Canada’s population in Q2 2022, mainly contributed by work and study permit holders 

Even in Q3 of 2019, the pre-pandemic era, Canada witnessed a record number of immigration-led population growth by adding 175,907 new members. 

Canada is targeting over 460,000 new permanent residents per year, about 60% of which will be coming from economic class programs like Express Entry, and the Provincial Nominee Program.  

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