Recent Canadian Immigration Trends 2022 That You Should Know

Recent Canadian Immigration Trends 2022 That You Should Know

Various reports and surveys from Statistics Canada note the continued dependence of Canada on economic-class immigration to support its population growth. Estimates show us that Canada’s population could reach up to 57 million people by 2068 and would be largely driven by skilled immigration.

We are seeing more such interesting Canadian immigration trends that will reaffirm your decision to move to Canada. Here’s us presenting the top 6 immigration trends that also promise to boost Canadian permanent residency targets: 

  1. Unemployment In Canada Continues To Decrease While Job Vacancy Rises, Boosting The Need To Raise Immigration Targets
  2. Immigration Is Changing Canada’s Demography & Looks To Make It Ethnocultural By 2041
  3. New Measures To Improve Immigration Process And Reduce Backlogs
  4. Usage of the South Asian language grew much among the Canadians
  5. Immigration Ministers Across Canada Met To Discuss Multi-Year PNP Plans
  6. IRCC Reported a 56% Increase In Study Permit Applications Since the Pandemic

Job vacancies are at an all-time high

Job vacancies in Canada are hiking even more and it reached 1,000,000 in June this year. There is a labor shortage and high demand for skilled workers in Healthcare and social assistance sectors. Job vacancies in the retail sector, Manufacturing, Professional, scientific, and technical services, and Finance and insurance have gone up. 

Unemployment in Canada continues to decrease while job vacancy rises all over the country. Canada looks at immigration as one of the methods to solve this problem by inviting a large number of prospective permanent residents between now and 2024.

Read along with Canada’s plan for increasing immigration, Canadian businesses are now dependent heavily on skilled immigrants to fulfill increasing job vacancies across industries. 

Skilled Immigration continues to rise 

Canada is set to exceed its annual target of 431,000 new permanent residents in 2022. Most immigrants favored Ontario followed by British Columbia, Quebec, and Alberta as their preferred choice provinces in Canada. 

The biggest reason for Canada to show an increased tendency to welcome more immigrants is because working-age Canadians are quickly reaching the retirement age of 65. By 2030, it is expected that nine million Canadians will have retired. 

Therefore, Canada is resorting to sustaining its population through skilled immigration. At the present, Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan has a target of over 450,000 new permanent residents a year by 2024, the highest number in its history. 

We are seeing increased invitations to apply (ITA) under fortnightly all-program Express Entry draws. Candidates under Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) who don’t have any Canadian experience or job offer can qualify for Canadian permanent residency under it. 

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Improving PNP intake levels

Immigration ministers from across Canada came together at the Forum of Ministers Responsible (FMRI) for Immigration earlier this July in Saint John, New Brunswick. 

The meeting of Immigration Ministers focussed around increasing Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan alongside agreeing on multi-year PNP levels plan. The current plan is targeting to welcome over 400,000 new immigrants annually till 2024. Over 60% of the target is to  meet through economic-class and family-class immigration programs. 

Specifically, PNP is targeting 80,000 intakes in 2022 and would increase to 90,000 intakes next year.  With the latest agreement between the Immigration ministers, PNP allocation targets will also be set on a three-year basis. 

The ministers agreed to determine the multi-year PNP plan by March 31, 2023.

Returning back to processing standards

Canadian immigration trends suggest more investment to digitize immigration services. 

Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship and Canada (IRCC) will begin transitioning to 100% digital applications for most permanent residence programs on September 23.

Canada is also promising new exemptions, and more application status trackers to improve client experience and reduce immigration backlogs. IRCC is targeting to process 80 percent of new applications within their service standards.

Earlier, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser promised to process new Express Entry applications for Canadian permanent residency within standard 6 months, the standard pre-pandemic levels. 

More opportunities for international students

Canada has received 175,000 student visa applications in the first quarter of 2022 alone. 

IRCC is reporting a significant rise in demand for study permits from international students. The figures for 2021 show a 56% increase in study permit applications over 2020 levels, indicating the return of normalcy. 

More and more international students are choosing Canada in spite of popular study abroad destinations like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, the USA, France, Germany, Poland, Malta, and Switzerland, because of its reputation for safety and stability.

Additionally, the retention rate in Canada in issuing Post-Graduation Work Permits and later qualifying for Canadian permanent residency is the highest among popular destinations. 

This concludes our discussion on the latest Canadian immigration trends to watch out for and plan your immigration accordingly. Don’t forget to book your free appointment with CanApprove to determine your eligibility based on your work or academic profile! 

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