Immigration aspirant’s hopeful as Canada’s job sector continues to be upbeat

The employment rate in Canada continues to remain high and the job sector of the country is upbeat as ever, shows the latest Labour Force Survey by Statistics Canada. According to the survey report, the highest employment gains were recorded in December 2019 by Ontario and Quebec, two of the richest provinces in Canada. The private sector of the country had around 57000 new employees in the month. The sectors that had the highest employment gains are accommodation, food services, and construction. The number of new employees in the accommodation and food services sectors increased by 25000 in the month in Quebec alone. In construction sectors, 17000 new jobs were added by British Columbia and Ontario. All these helped in boosting the overall employment rate in Canada.

Employment rate in Canada

The employment rate in Canada has grown at a faster pace in the year 2019, compared to the previous year. A total of 320,000 persons got placements in Canada during the one year between December 2018 and 2019.  In 2019, the unemployment rate in Canada also hit a record low at 5.4 percent.

In the case of provinces, 25000 persons got placed in Ontario alone, during December 2019. In Quebec, 21,000 new placements were recorded in this period. In both the provinces, the unemployment rate was the lowest at 5.3 percent. Provinces such as Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick also had comparatively higher employment gains.


Why Canada need workers?

Being a country with low population growth, Canada needs more foreign workers to sustain its economic development. A foreign skilled worker may apply for a work visa or permanent residence visa from Canada. The Federal Skilled Worker(FSWP) program is a popular Canada immigration program for skilled workers that selects eligible foreign workers to migrate to Canada on the basis of their skills, work experience and other eligibility factors. Every year, around 70000 skilled worker visas are approved by Canada under this program.


Is a job offer necessary to move to Canada?

You can move to Canada without a job offer through certain immigration programs. It is not at all necessary for an eligible foreign worker to have a job offer in order to apply for permanent residence in Canada.


Why is moving to Canada a good idea?

Moving to Canada is the best decision you can take for you and your family’s future. The country offers high living standards, world-class educational opportunities, and a successful career. Besides, permanent residents and citizens also enjoy many social benefits including pension and free healthcare. The US News and World Report say that Canada is the second-best immigration destination in the whole world.


It is the sooner the better if you are planning to migrate to Canada. Take the first step to realize your Canadian dream by filling our free online assessment form.

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