Survey Report: Canada’s Opinion On Immigration Is Largely Supportive Than Ever

Survey Report: Canada’s Opinion On Immigration Is Largely Supportive Than Ever

A recently released survey report on Canadian immigration shows that the local population is more supportive of welcoming more immigrants than ever. Nearly 70% of Canadians were found to disagree or strongly disagree when asked if Canada’s immigration levels were too high. 

This is the most support shown for immigration in the survey’s 45-year history. 

The survey report from the Environics Institute of Canada, in partnership with the Century Initiative came at the right time when the 2021 census data projects the total immigrant population in Canada will increase from the current 23% to 34% by 2041.

The sample size of the telephonic survey was 2,000 Canadians. It further reveals that the overall support for elevated levels of immigration has increased among supporters of the various political parties since 2021: federal Liberal Party (up 4%), NDP (up 4%), and Green Party (up 19%). 

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Canadians believe immigrants are essential for economic growth 

Canada has been raising targets within the Immigration Levels Plan to boost business cycle deals in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The historic labor shortage and over one million job vacancies in Canada is the driving factor to welcome more immigrants in the coming months. 

Over 50% of surveyed Canadians believe that Canada needs more immigrants to increase its population. The positive demand comes from people in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Ontario. 

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