Immigration Levels in New Brunswick Likely To Increase

New Brunswick immigration

The recently elected Progressive Conservationl Party government of New Brunswick has promised to increase the immigration levels for economic & demographic recovery. 

The policy support to increase immigration levels were proposed soon after the re-election that took place on Monday, September 14. that. It could benefit the newcomers over the next three years. 

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The current allocation set by the federal Immigration policy for New Brunswick is 7,500 immigrants every year by 2024. However, the Progressive Conservative Party aims to attract 10,000 people to the province per year by 2027. It may be quite possible as even the federal government is about to revise its Immigration Levels Plan for 2021-2023.

The party also aims to bring the francophone immigrants to 33% of the population by 2024. A francophone immigrant is one who lives outside Quebec and for whom French is the first official language in Canada for usage. 

Boost to Family reunification & Economic-class Immigration 

The re-elected government is set to increase the population by attracting families to the province while also encouraging them to stay. It has set a retention rate target of 75% for the next five years. Which means that three in every four families have a high chance to settle permanently in Canada

According to official projections, there will be some 120,000 jobs required to be filled over the next ten years in New Brunswick. The provincial government is looking to maintain a young demography in the province in order to turn this crisis into an opportunity. 



In these circumstances, increasing the immigration levels is the sole solution. And that is why they have decided to work closely with the institutions of higher learning and professional associations to attract more international students, professionals, skilled workers

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Business opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs are equally blooming in the province. The government’s business development agency – Opportunities New Brunswick, is scouting out to attract companies in emerging sectors like cybersecurity, digital health and energy innovation. 


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