Quebec To Invite Upto 52,500 New Immigrants in 2022

Quebec immigration

Quebec released its new immigration levels plan for 2022 on October 28.

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It is said that the province will invite up to 52,500 new immigrants in 2022. Additionally, 18,000 admissions will be considered that were left out by the federal government in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In actuality, Quebec could admit more than 70,000 newcomers in 2022.

Quebec is the only Canadian province to set its own admission levels target, following a special immigration agreement signed between the federal government and the province in 1991.

The new immigration levels plan presented by the Quebec Immigration Department indicated the number of new permanent residents the province intends to admit, as well as the categories in which it will admit them.

Quebec has returned to the target of welcoming over 50,000 immigrants in 2022 after four years of cutting immigration by 20 per cent.

The province’s current governing party, the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) has kept its promise of increasing the immigration target. It is also focusing on the integration and francization of new permanent residents.

About 65 per cent will Arrive through Economic Immigration Program

Quebec had also announced that most of the new admissions in 2022 will come through the province’s economic immigration programs, including the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) and the Québec experience program (PEQ).

About 65 per cent of the total target, which is about 33,900, would represent the economic category of immigrants. In this category, the province expects to welcome up to:

  • 28,800 skilled workers and
  • 4,300 business immigrants, including investors, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed.

The rest of the remaining 18,600 new permanent residents are expected to arrive through family reunification and other immigration programs.

Statistics Canada notes that Quebec is seeing among the highest increases in job vacancies in the country. With an increased annual immigration target in 2022, now can be a good time to plan for your Canadian immigration.

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