Find a Job in Canada as Immigration Keeps Unemployment Rates To A Record-Low Last Month

finding a job in Canada

Canada’s employment levels made a full recovery as labor market performance peaked in February 2022. The country added about 337,000 jobs last month, enabling Canada immigration to push unemployment rates to a record low. The record unemployment rate in Canada was 5.4 per cent in May 2019, the pre-COVID-19 times.


Statistics Canada has released its monthly Labour Force Survey that examines the present labor market condition in Canada. It noted employment gains in the month of February across the provinces, with the largest increases in immigration-friendly regions of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec. The recovery is evident in hard-hit industries like retail trade, accommodation and food services, information, culture, and recreation services.

With unemployment in Canada dropping to 5.5 per cent, lower than in February 2020, there are even more avenues for off-shore immigrants now open to finding a job in Canada.

A shrinking pool of available workers is making it difficult for businesses to hire across industries…” wrote Nathan Janzen, an economist at RBC.

“Given the pressing need to address labor scarcity, it is important that the government works to increase immigrant landings from outside Canada.

Finding a Job in Canada

Amid pandemic disruption to international mobility, Canada immigration kept unemployment rates low by increasingly converting the status of temporary residents located in Canada to permanent residents.

However, many temporary workers are already employed in Canada. With increased economic activity, eligible immigrants from outside Canada will now be targeted to fulfil the increased job vacancies.

Depending on your academic background and relevant work experience elsewhere, the Canadian job market is wide open to foreign skilled workers.


Healthcare is a regulated profession in Canada. You will need to apply and obtain a license before you can practice in Canada. Job opportunities in healthcare also vary across the province, with major demand from Nova Scotia, Manitoba, British Columbia. It is important to decide which province is right for you before pursuing accreditation. Provinces vary on their demand for healthcare workers and have different credential programs.

Demand For Healthcare Workers Has Only Increased In Recent Years. Read our full analysis here.

Financial Services

To build a career in retail banking or securities trading, a Canadian securities course certification can help secure a job. Interested in working at leading institutions in Canada? We can help you. Book your appointment with us today.

Additionally, Canada offers special bridging programs for direct immigrants in Canada who do not have any prior Canadian work experience. Bridging programs are nothing but special educational programs for internationally trained professionals to make them accustomed to Canadian work culture and way of life.

Informational Technology (IT)

A career in IT can span across areas like Development, Project Management, and Quality Assurance.  IT careers can mean that you are specializing in areas like development, project management, and quality assurance. The Canadian province of Ontario, Quebec welcomes a major part of foreign skilled immigrants having prior experience in IT every year. There are wide options for both short-term contracting and full-time in these regions.

There are bridging programs available for several different professions, from accounting to optometry. Direct PR applicants finding a job in Canada in a field that requires licensing or credentials will be more successful if they go through a bridging program.

Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai

Canada is pursuing its ambitious immigration levels plan to welcome over 1.7 million new permanent residents in the next three years.

About 60% of the said target will be achieved through nominations for Canada PR under economic-class programs. These will include the Express Entry system and Provincial Nominee Programs. Thousands of foreign skilled workers, entrepreneurs, international students are said to be benefited from these immigration-friendly measures.

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Further, we also have tie-ups with 500+ institutions for your study abroad programs in Canada. Our job search assistance and customization of profiles can match your work skills with a suitable employer in Canada.

Take this free assessment online to determine your chances of finding a job in Canada and immigrating to Canada in 2022.

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