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Exploring about the Canada Visit Visa from UAE

Canada has an advanced economy with plenty of commercial, skilled worker, and tourism prospects, located a few degrees above its latitudes. It consists of a strong, separate system in place for accepting both immigrants and non-immigrants. Let’s investigate further on everything that you need to know about the Canada visit visa from UAE.

Do Travelers from UAE need a Canada Visit Visa?

Travelers must apply for a Canada visit visa even if they have a US visa in hand and vice versa. A six-month visit visa is required for entry into Canada. Nonetheless, citizens of the United Arab Emirates can typically apply for an electronic travel authorization (eTA).

The only people who are exempt from needing an eTA or visit visa in order to enter Canada are lawful permanent residents of the United States who possess a valid passport from their place of nationality and a valid green card (or its equivalent). 

When entering Canada by air, foreign nationals without a valid visa must have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). It is connected electronically to a traveler’s passport and has valid for up to five years or until the passport expires. 

Available Canada Visit Visas for UAE Residents

The Canadian government allows citizens of the United Arab Emirates to come for a short visit for a variety of purposes, such as trade exhibitions, conferences, business trips, vacations, or tourism.

1. One-time visit visa for Canada.

2. UAE nationals can enter Canada once only using a single-entry visit visa option.

3. Applicants are automatically categorized as either choosing to be granted a single entrance visa under special circumstances or selecting multiple entry visas.

4. Multiple entry visa for visits to Canada.

5. Multiple entry visitor visas are valid for up to 10 years and allow the holder to visit Canada for a maximum of six months at a time.

6. The most common form of multiple-entry Canada visit visa is the Canada super visa. It boosts family reunification as parents and grandparents.

The Canadian Immigration System


Canada is eager to bring in over 1.45 million new immigrants over the course of the following three years, finishing in 2025. Economic-class immigration schemes such as Provincial Nominee schemes, Express Entry, and the Quebec program are expected to meet more than 60% of the target. Programs for family reunion will be used to achieve a significant amount of the aim.

Based on their talents and job history, Canada appears to be encouraging more foreigners to become permanent residents. According to the immigration census conducted in 2021, 23% of Canadians are or have been landed immigrants or permanent residents, and by 2041, that percentage is expected to rise to 34%.

Documents required for a Canada visa from UAE

Canada Visit Visa

Valid Passport: You need to ensure that your passport is up to date and does not expire within six months of the date you intend to depart. Additionally, at least one blank page in your passport is required for the visa.

1. Photographs: Two passport-sized images that are no older than six months must be submitted.

2. Application: The relevant Canada visa application form must be completed and submitted. You can apply for a visa in person or online at a visa application facility.

3. Proof of funds: You must show that you have the resources necessary to sustain yourself while visiting Canada. Bank statements, job contracts, and asset verification are a few examples of this.

4. Travel Itinerary: It is required that you submit a comprehensive itinerary that includes your intended dates of arrival and departure, the specifics of your accommodations, and any activities you have scheduled.

5. Purpose of Travel: You are required to submit a statement outlining your travel goals, together with information about the activities you want to undertake and the duration of your visit.

6. Health and character certificates: You may be required to provide a medical certificate or a police clearance certificate as part of your application.

How to Apply for a Canad a Visit visa from UAE?

1. First, Seek an immigration expert

The first step to apply for a visit visa to Canada from UAE is to seek a certified immigration expert’s guidance like CanApprove. Our immigration experts will help you throughout the visa application process and makes sure your flight to Canada is smooth and hassle-free.

2. Get the documents ready

You must ensure you have all the necessary documentation to support your eligibility for a visiting visa to Canada before submitting an application. The documentation you must attach to your application will vary based on your purpose for visiting Canada.

3. Submit the application online

To apply online for visitor visa you must first create an account with the IRCC. Along with the application, you must upload all the necessary documents and pay the fees.

4. Submit fingerprints and photo

While applying for a Canada visitor visa, you will have to give your biometrics details such as your fingerprints and photo at your local visa application centre.

5. Application process

The Canadian immigration officials will review your application once you submit it to make sure you have included all the necessary paperwork. The application will be returned unprocessed if it is incomplete.

The candidate may occasionally need to appear for an interview with immigration officers. Additionally, they can be requested to provide further details or to produce documents proving their police and health clearances.

The application will be processed in a few weeks at most. The applicant will be required to provide their passport if it is accepted. The passport will be returned with the visa stamped on it along with other original documents.

6. Send the passport

Once the visa is approved, the candidate will have to send the passport to Canada immigration authorities, who will stamp the visitor visa on it.

7. Travel to Canada

Once you obtain your visitor visa, you may travel to Canada. Remember to bring along all the documents you had submitted with the visa application and additional documents, if necessary.


The visa application process might sound a little bit challenging, but don’t worry! We got you! Our immigration consultants at CanApprove are here to guide you throughout the entire process. CanApprove, with its team of dedicated experts, can make things easy and possible for you. 

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1. How long is Canada visitor visa valid?

A Canada visitor visa is valid for six months from admission into Canada. Multiple entry visitor visas permit the holder to travel to Canada for six months at a time as many times as they want

2. Can a visitor stay permanently in Canada?

With a visitor’s visa, you can enter Canada and obtain a temporary legal status. But that status is only yours while your visa is in effect. It is illegal for you to remain in Canada while your visitor visa is void.

3. Can I change visitor visa to work permit?

In the UK, it is not feasible to apply to change from a visitor visa to a work or student visa. If, however, you intend to remain in the UK permanently, you might have further alternatives available to you based on the suitability of specific exceptional circumstances.