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Want to Know More About the New Changes in WES Process

Want to know what is WES and why is it essential? Also, want to know about the new changes in the WES process? Read this blog to get an idea about what exactly WES is!

World Education Services?

World Education Services (WES) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit social company devoted to assisting foreign students, immigrants, and refugees in the United States and Canada accomplish their educational and employment aspirations. WES evaluates foreign educational credentials, helps immigrant workforce integration, and gives charitable assistance to immigrant-serving organizations. WES has evaluated credentials for approximately three million people from more than 200 nations since 1974. The Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada (ACESC) has approved WES Canada. It converts foreign academic documents into Canadian equivalents to offer nonbinding advising recommendations.

What kind of WES Evaluation Reports are there?

Document-by-Document Reports and Course-by-Course Reports are the two forms of credential evaluation reports offered by WES. WES certification evaluations are based on validated documents straight from the issuing universities. WES sends documents back to the institutions who issued them for additional verification when necessary.

Document-by-Document Report

  • Each credential is identified, described, and a Canadian equivalence is provided.
  • Appropriate for immigration and employment

Detailed Course-by-Course Analysis

  • Each credential is identified, described, and a Canadian equivalence is provided.
  • Compiles a list of all topics, including credits, grades, and a computed GPA in Canadian dollars.
  • Appropriate for higher education admittance, professional licensing, or any other objective that requires a thorough course analysis

All you need to know about the changes in the WES process is mentioned below:

  1. Special Terms for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Applicants;

Application Deactivation: All applications paid on or after January 1, 2022, and incomplete at WES’ sole discretion shall be termed “inactive” 180 days after the application’s payment date. Once the application is declared inactive, no refunds or credits will be provided. Incomplete applications received after July 1, 2021, but before December 31, 2021, will be allowed a “grace period” to finish them. On July 1, 2022, the grace period will end. Such applications will be declared inactive and non-refundable if they are not completed by that date.

Reactivation of Applications: To reactivate/reopen and continue process applications that have been considered inactive, an additional $50 reactivation fee must be paid. Applications that have been reactivated must be completed within 180 days after the payment date; otherwise, they will be considered inactive. All other Terms & Conditions for completion apply to reactivated applications.

  1. Costs of credential evaluation services;

The ECA application price has increased. The new fee is as follows. Even if you began the application earlier but did not finish it, you may be subject to the additional charge.

Services Fees (in CAD)
Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) 240
U.S. and international courier services (per address) 85
Update a completed evaluation report – Add a new credential 100
Duplicate reports ordered after completed evaluation: 50
  1. All WES applicants will get a new document processing address. The WES mailing address has changed. Documents supporting all U.S. and Canadian evaluation applications will now be accepted at the WES websites. Please complete your WES ECA processes as soon as possible if you’ve not done so.

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Health Cover – Crucial essentiality for international students!

OSHC! Are you aware of this acronym? OSHC stands for Overseas Student Health Cover which is the health insurance plan for international students who are planning to study abroad. But why do you need an Overseas Health Insurance Cover?

Talking about Canada (other countries have similar norms), the country doesn’t sponsor free health insurance for international students but there are private health insurances offered based on the provinces and place the student studies in.

There are other reasons for international students to get Overseas Student Health Cover. They are,

course finder

Less Expenditure

Despite having medical insurance, you need to pay a smidgen from your pocket while experiencing a medical emergency entitled as tax and deductibles. However, it’s going to be a lot less when compared to bearing the expenses without medical insurance. For instance, a normal MRI would cost you an arm and leg. Yes, it would be anywhere between CAD 900 and CAD 2400.


Doctor Discount

Not having a health insurance plan might cost you high doctor consultation charge and this is because insurance companies have tie-ups with doctors on claiming which you could be charged a lot less! For that, you should have an active insurance plan.


Some of the standardized features of OSHC include,

Dedicated benefits

Students health insurance plans frequently cover existing wounds, emotional wellness, sports injuries, maternity costs, hospitalization, and medicines.


Excluded family coverage

These health cover plans are specially for students which means any of these plans are not included for family members’ medical coverage.

If family members are planning to travel together with the student to Canada, then the plan would cost higher to cover both the student and the family member.

Travel medical plan is best suited for the family member accompanying the student.


Coverage Renewal

International student medical insurance plans give understudies protection that covers throughout their studying period. This helps students as they just need to buy a solitary insurance plan for the whole term of their residence.


Lower Insurance Premiums

since understudies are youthful and sound, the charges for their insurance plans are more moderate. The instalment of these charges can be separated and paid all through the span of their time in Canada.


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