Free Settlement Services: One Other Reason To Plan for Canada PR

Settlement Services remain one of many reasons for easy immigration to Canada

Until now, you may have known Canada to boost immigration levels by setting a historic target of welcoming over 400,000 new immigrants each year until 2023. These could majorly include economic-class immigrants with/without job offers and international students who are willing to settle in Canada permanently.

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But did you know?

  • Individuals who have been selected (pending verifications), inside or outside Canada, to become permanent residents (PR);
  • Non-permanent residents and foreign nationals who have been selected by employers under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program;
  • Non-permanent residents who have received confirmation of a complete Application for Permanent Residence under the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot;
  • Eligible persons include both the principal applicant and eligible dependents (spouse and children);

The above category of immigration candidates is eligible to avail themselves of the free Settlement services in Canada to successfully integrate into Canadian society.

Canadian government-funded settlement services remain to be one of the many reasons why immigration to Canada is so attractive.

Even though many immigrants do not know about these services, the settlement services have so far been proven to help the majority of the newcomers to access genuine information to settle & integrate well within the society.

The Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offer services to help you prepare to live in Canada. In-person services are offered in major out-migrant regions like China, India and the Philippines.

These services help you get information about life in Canada, such as healthcare, housing, and transportation. They can also refer you to more specific community services, depending on your needs. IRCC also has a list of services to help you prepare to work in Canada. There are some industry-specific resources for those working in architecture, engineering, trades, finance, tech, construction, nursing and others.

Click here to know more about the province-specific settlement services.

Various Settlement Services Offered by Canada to Newcomers

In order to fulfil the objective of promoting the successful integration of permanent residents into Canada, the following types of services are offered to newcomers:

  • Needs assessments help immigrants identify what services they need to know about Canadian society and how to get them.
  • Information services supply information about securing life essentials such as housing, healthcare, social services, and transportation. It shares information with you on your rights and obligations. Even though most newcomers get information from their friends, these services are genuine sources of information.
  • Language training helps immigrants develop language skills as it is a crucial area to immigrants’ success in Canada.
  • Employment services help immigrants prepare for working in Canada. It provides information on specific settlement needs in career, education, language, social programming, finances, and more. It will also put you in touch with employment agencies and provide career search assistance.
  • Community services help immigrants meet friends and get involved in local activities.
  • Support services referring to translation, child care, and transportation, assist in completing forms and applications, and others.
You may visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website to learn more about free newcomer services near you.

Thanks to the active community on the internet, finding information on Canadian immigration for newcomers is less of a barrier these days. However, many can be misled. Canada recommends seeking such information from a genuine settlement worker or certified immigration consultants who can help teach you how systems work in Canada so that you have a better understanding of how best to use the information and resources you find.

CanApprove is officially a registered & approved immigration consultant by ICCRC. By virtue of this certification, CanApprove is legally authorized to support immigration aspirants to Canada with guidance, documentation and counselling support that also includes post-landing services.

Get a free assessment of your immigration profile and find the best pathway to migrate to Canada.

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