Year-End Review: Immigration to Canada Breaks All-Time Record, Your Strategy for 2022 & Beyond

year end review immigration to canada

As we bid farewell to 2021, Immigration to Canada brings you new beginnings & possibilities in 2022. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) confirmed that it has landed 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021. This is happening for just the second time since 1867 when Canada was founded as a country.

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A successful “landing in Canada” translates to foreign nationals in Canada legally transitioning their status to permanent residents. While Canadian permanent residency is given to individuals physically present in Canada on temporary visas, any foreigner without Canadian experience can too qualify.

However, the pandemic forced IRCC to favour more temporary residents in Canada for permanent residency. The case was different before the pandemic, as many new permanent resident landings came to Canada directly from abroad.

Apart from federal immigration programs, Provincial Nominee Programs also performed well. Both British Columbia and Manitoba issued over 10,000 invitations to apply for provincial nominations throughout 2021. Other provinces like Prince Edward Island, Ontario remained active throughout, however, offered limited draw size.

With Atlantic Immigration Pilot becoming a permanent program and Saskatchewan opening a new EOI pool for International Healthcare Workers, the prospects to apply for Canada immigration seems bright.

Immigration to Canada: Why Choose It Over Country? 

No country is fully embracing foreign immigrants post-pandemic.

Most developed countries like Australia are now adopting the immigration models championed by smaller & developed countries like UAE, Singapore. Thanks to their tiered visa program, they attract a good number of economic-class immigrants on temporary visas. However, only a few qualify for permanent residence.

Canada, on the other hand, has managed to maintain its pre-pandemic immigration policy. It maintains its stance on foreign immigration to attract more economic-class immigrants for permanent residency.

A permanent resident in Canada is on par with Canadian citizenship in terms of rights & duties. However, a Canada PR is abstained from voting in elections.

Here’s a short real-life story about an immigration couple.

Percsy and Agh, as reported in Bloomberg would once have been prime migrants for Australia. But as the couple studied to get the qualification and points to qualify for permanent residency, the goalposts shifted again, due to pandemic.

Eventually, the couple realized they would never reach a new level. They caught in a policy shift that saw the intake of skilled independent workers in Australia slashed to 6,500 people, from 46,000. They finally gave up hope and are immigrating to Canada, which offered them a permanent visa.

The steps taken by Canada towards gender equality is reaping benefits for its immigrants as well. Immigration to Canada for career women is now rewarding. A recent survey ranked Toronto as the number one city for career-oriented women.

Canada is also taking family reunification seriously. It plans to provide temporary residence to spouses and children abroad while they await the processing of their permanent residence applications.

Apply for Canada Immigration in 2022 & beyond: What Should Be Your Strategy? 

Aspirants planning their immigration to Canada in near future have a good chance of qualifying. This is because the new mandate letter recently issued by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expects his Immigration Minister Sean Fraser to work towards:

  • Reducing application processing times for immigration to Canada.
  • Look out for the creation of more permanent residence pathways via Express Entry for international students and temporary foreign workers.
  • Diversify foreign immigration to Canada from clustered regions of Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec city to newer regional areas. This is to be done by creating new Municipal Nominee Program.
  • Create more opportunities for temporary work visas by establishing a Trusted Employer system.
  • Fast-tracking family reunification programs through electronic applications
  • Also, fulfilling a long due Liberal Party election agenda to waive off Canadian citizenship application fees.
CanApprove recommends you enter the federal Express Entry pool to apply for Canada Immigration, even if you score low on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Your profile is valid for 24 months and you can improve your CRS points anytime during this period. Furthermore, the unpredictable nature of recent nomination draws may result in lower CRS requirements to apply for Canada immigration.

being in the Express Entry pool, you may even qualify for provincial nomination. Such Canada Provincial Nominee Programs have a lower qualifying score. You receive an additional 600 CRS points on a successful provincial nomination. This is enough to guarantee your Immigration to Canada on permanent residence status.

The recently released Annual Report on Canada Express Entry 2020 noted an interesting trend.

IRCC data showed that 42% of invitations to apply for Canada PR in 2020 went to candidates who had Canadian education. This is near twice the number of invitations for immigration to Canada on PR in 2019.

So, will higher studies in Canada help you qualify for Canada PR easily?

Get in touch with our expert consultants to learn more about your chances of immigration to Canada.

Should You Apply for Canada Immigration on Your Own? 

Immigration to Canada is picking up on its pace to welcome more economic-class immigrants for permanent residency in 2022 & beyond. Such immigrant class includes skilled workers with some work experience or international graduates in Canada or even individual entrepreneurs.

Even though Canada is yet to announce its new Immigration Levels Plan for 2022-2024, experts believe the annual target to be more than 400,000 candidates. Over 60 per cent of invites to apply for Canada immigration will go towards economic-class immigration.

Of course, you can apply for Canada immigration on your own.

However, one of our clients Alaina Ahmad applied for her study visa on her own, but unfortunately got rejected. As she approached CanApprove, we analyzed her profile thoroughly and recommended major changes to her application for immigration to Canada.

She is now excited to start her journey at University Canada West, British Columbia.

Click here to listen to her words of appreciation for our timely immigration services.

CanApprove is a leading immigration consultancy in the region. We have our offices spanning across UAE, Canada, India & Australia. We are recognized by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Canada (CICC) to offer immigration consultancy services globally.

With a formidable 20+ years of reputation in offering trusted immigration and overseas education counselling services, we may help you achieve your dream immigration to Canada.

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