The Annual Report to the Canadian Parliament on Immigration: Good News For Aspiring Immigrants!

canada Annual Report

Alongside the revised Immigration Levels Plan for 2021-2023 unveiled last week, Canada’s government also released its Annual Report on Immigration. 

The report which was submitted to its Parliament provides an overview of the latest immigration developments in Canada. It is exciting to know that our claims on showing that everything is right with Canadian immigration are resounding in the report.

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Let’s discuss four such highlights from the report: 

#1 Nearly 200,000 immigrants arrived under the economic class in 2019

Canada welcomed almost 200,000 immigrants under the economic class programs for Skilled Workers, Caregivers, Business, Atlantic Immigration Pilot, and Provincial Nominee Programs. Nearly 90,000 arrived through Express Entry in Canada. The same is expected to reach 100,000 candidates through Express Entry in 2020.

Most Express Entry candidates in 2019 landed in major provinces such as:

  • Ontario (71%),
  • British Columbia (17%), and
  • Alberta (8%)

“Nearly 60% of new permanent residents in Canada come under economic class programs. This will remain the case under the 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan.” 

Overall, last year was good for Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia as it attracted a good number of immigrants to apply for provincial nominations through PNP. As per the conventions, a provincial nomination is a guaranteed ticket to obtain permanent residence in Canada. 


#2 Canada welcomed over 1 million newcomers in 2019

Most newcomers in Canada arrive on a temporary basis and have a good chance to obtain permanent residency, thanks to its liberal immigration policies. 

“Over 1 million immigrants and study and work permit holders were welcomed to Canada in 2019 in which over 341,000 newcomers arrived as permanent residents and over 400,000 obtained study permits. “


The latest Immigration plan for the next three years is historic as it hopes to welcome over 1.2 million new immigrants in Canada. 

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#3 Canada is welcoming more Francophone immigrants

Following a change in evaluation criteria of the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), Canada can target more francophone or french-speaking immigrants outside the Quebec region. 

Any registered profile in the federal Express Entry pool is evaluated based on CRS criteria, majorly – age, education, language proficiency in English or French, and work experience. 

Recently, IRCC made changes that will award more points to French-speaking Express Entry candidates

Based on the recent update, Canada aims to achieve its Francophone immigration target of 4.4% of newcomers settling outside of Quebec by 2023.

Canada CRS point

#4 Family Immigration is also a priority

Canada is faced with dual demographic shock: an aging population and low birth rate. At the same time, the country is also looking for immigration to strengthen its economy. Thus, Family Immigration is as important as Economic-Class Immigration to Canada. 

The annual report showed the progress that Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) was making to tackle family reunification backlogs prior to the pandemic. 


“Nearly 90,000 immigrants that arrived in Canada under the family class in 2019 came under the spouses, partners, and children category.”


IRCC has a standard of processing family class applications within 12 months of being received.

Here is another post from us reflecting on Family Immigration in Canada in 2020. 

Leave aside the annual report, several global surveys, immigration opinion polls have to point out the fact that new immigrants are more than welcomed in Canada than any other developed western country.  

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