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Poland Immigration: Latest Information on Travel & Permit Impacts

Poland’s consular posts are reopening in several countries, subject to local pandemic-related restrictions. The immigration offices and city halls are resuming services but in the backdrop of accumulated case backlog. Poland has also ensured that the immigration status of foreign nationals will not be negatively affected by reduced work hours and/or salary. 


In the light of immigration trends returning to normalcy, CanApprove chooses to summarize the current state of travel restrictions, quarantine requirements, and work permit availability in Poland. 

Work Permit Applications

Fully online work permit applications are currently possible in selected regions in Poland (like Warsaw) and for selected types of applications (work permit type A for local hires). For all other permit types, the application is still processed only in offline mode. 

Applicants can continue to submit immigration applications by mail. Mailed applications take an additional three to four months to process. 

Take this free assessment online or get in touch with our immigration consultants to determine your eligibility. 

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Travel Impacts

Following the recommendations of the European Commission to open the EU internal borders in mid-June, entry restrictions for arriving foreigners are now sparingly applied. The following categories of foreigners travelling to Poland are welcomed: 

  • Travelers from Qatar, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates;
  • Foreigners holding right for temporary or permanent stay in Poland (valid residency card must be in place)
  • Foreigners who are authorized to work in Poland under the same rules as Polish nationals (EU/EEA/Swiss nationals) if they worked in Poland previously or intend to work after crossing the border
  • Employees holding the right to work in Poland which can be documented by work permit, seasonal work permit, or statement on intention to hire foreigner if they worked in Poland previously or intend to work after crossing the border
  • Students who are enrolled for studies and schools in Poland together with their legal guardians (for example parents) – confirmation from school required;
  • Scientists entering Poland for the purposes of performing research or development work in Poland
  • Foreigners who obtained a visa in new ‘Poland. Business Harbour’ program dedicated to citizens of Belarus;
  • Foreign entrepreneurs and foreign entities representatives entering Poland to fulfil economic activities in Poland only upon certain approvals from authorities including Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Holders of Card of Pole (Karta Polaka);
  • Foreigners having visa/residence permit from Australia, Canada, Georgia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia are allowed to enter Poland.
  • Other foreigners are not listed about if their arrival to Poland is justified for significant reasons.

Quarantine Notes

Travellers coming to Poland from the EU Schengen zone will be subject to mandatory quarantine unless presenting negative results on diagnostic tests for SARS-Cov-2. The test should be done within 48 hours prior to entrance to Poland. 

Mandatory 10 days quarantine in Poland applies to individuals coming to Poland from outside the EU Schengen area. However, it shall be waived off if the person crossing the border provides a negative result of a SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic test completed in Poland within 48 hours after the arrival.

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