Applying for Canada Permanent Residence along with your Spouse

Canada Permanent Residence along with your Spouse

The new federal government and economic recovery in Canada have re-ignited hopes for the improvement of family immigration to Canada.

Canada is likely to welcome around 80,000 immigrants per year under the spousal, partner, and children category.

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Any newly acquired permanent residence for Canadian citizens of foreign origin may sponsor their foreign Spouse (legally married), Common-law/Conjugal partners (not legally married but has been living with you for at least 12 consecutive months) to obtain Canadian permanent residence.

Sponsoring your Spouse for Canada PR

If one of the partners is above 18 years old and is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, they can sponsor the other partner for Canada PR.

Such applicants must submit two applications to Immigration, Refugees, and the Citizenship Canada (IRCC):

  • the sponsorship application and
  • permanent residence application.

IRCC asks you to submit both applications together.

Step 1: Confirm you meet the eligibility criteria to sponsor with CanApprove 2: Get the application package from IRCC’s website
3: Pay all required fees on IRCC’s website. Like processing, right of permanent residence, and biometrics fees  4: Mail both applications together to IRCC

Sponsors must demonstrate their financial adequacy to take care of a partner to be sponsored for at least three years. Sponsor is not allowed to sponsor another person for the next five years after they obtain Canada PR.

The standard processing time is 12 months.

If you are applying with your partner who is living with you in Canada. The process has slightly different steps than if you were applying from abroad.

The Spouse or Common-Law Partner in-Canada class is for Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are already living together in Canada and want to obtain permanent residence.

However, under the Outland Spousal or Common-Law Partner Sponsorship, Canadians or permanent residents may sponsor their spouse or common-law partner for permanent residence in Canada, regardless of their place of residence.

Express Entry for Married Couples or Common-Law Union

A married couple or common-law partners can receive fewer base points than a single person, but can also gain points from their partner. 

A couple applying for Canada PR, either within Canada or outside Canada, through Express Entry, will necessarily have to assign only one among them as a Principal Applicant (PA) for assessment and evaluation based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

The couple can choose which partner is the PA as long as both partners qualify for at least one of three Express Entry programs, i.e. the Federal Skilled Workers Program, the Federal Skilled Trade Program, and the Canadian Experience Class.

PA can be accompanied by a spouse, common-law partners, or dependent children.

The scoring system for single PAs and partnered PAs is somewhat different. 

The CRS reduces the number of points the PA can get for various factors by a total of 40 points. However, the CRS also allows the PA to earn up to 40 points through their partner’s profile.

For more details, read our previous blog on Canada PR through Express Entry For Married Couples or Common-Law Union.

Canada provides an application guide online, as well as a document checklist for people going through the process. We advise you to go through it.

However, a significant advantage of applying through an immigration consultant like CanApprove will lessen your documentation compliance burden apart from full support to explore various options depending upon your unique profile.

Take this free assessment online to determine your eligibility.

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