4 FAQs on Canadian Immigration Part 5: Understanding Canada Through Q&A

Thanks to the robust points-based immigration system, Canada has coped well with the rising demand for augmenting the local workforce with foreign talent. Throughout these years, Canada has always remained a popular destination for skilled immigrants along with their families in search of better career opportunities and aspirational living standards. Going by the latest trends, the future for economic-class immigration seems bright and this is why we have come up with FAQs on Canadian immigration for you to comprehend your chances of qualifying sooner!

Understanding Canadian Immigration Through FAQs

In Canada, immigration is the act granting permanent residency status, including to refugees. Furthermore, all Canadian permanent residency holders are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship after meeting certain requirements.

Understanding Canadian immigration through Q&A styled blog may address some pertinent questions that you were looking to get answered by experts for a long. Let’s begin by answering the top 4 FAQs on Canadian Immigration.

  • Does age affect Canadian and Australian applications?

Most economic-class immigration programs offered by Canada and Australia have an age limit of 45. It concerns talented aspirants with a job offer or those who are looking to apply for a skilled job in Canada. A skilled job in Canada requires aspirants to have at least a graduate degree in any relevant & recognized field.

Canada awards maximum points to the younger population over 18 years who would typically pursue higher education before gaining work experience in related occupations. On the other hand, Australia prefers candidates who are in their prime working age (25-32 years) to qualify for permanent residency.

However, people aged 45 and above can still immigrate to Canada or Australia through several alternative options.

The Australian Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (subclass 188) Visa is for those who wish to own and manage a business in Australia. Applicants under 55 years of age can apply under this visa stream, however, this requirement could be waived off if the applicant’s proposed business will be of excellent economic benefit to the state or territory!

Similarly, interested applicants aged under 55 years can apply through the Canada Start-Up Visa Programme which could lead to permanent residency.

Read our previous blog on Which Is Better: Canada vs Australia Immigration Points System for Foreign Skilled Workers? for detailed information.
  • Why you should enter the Express Entry pool ahead of July 2022?

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser made an exciting announcement in April 2022 about resuming Express Entry draws for Federal Skilled Worker Program and Canadian Experience Class candidates by July 2022.

It represents a major & positive change in the recent Canadian immigration landscape. With the economy growing faster than employers can hire new workers, Express Entry is poised to once again become Canada’s primary means of attracting international talent.

The Canadian government will gradually increase its annual Express Entry admissions to more than 110,000 immigrants in 2024!

This brings us to highlight the several benefits to enter the Express Entry pool ahead of July 2022 draw. Some important ones are:

  • Be in a position to receive an ITA for Canada PR by early July
  • Take advantage of the tie-breaking rule by getting in as early as possible
  • Leverage the benefits of active PNP-linked Express Entry nomination draws
  • Do I need a job offer to immigrate to Canada? 

Yes, there are many immigration programs that allow eligible aspirants to qualify for permanent residence even without a job offer in Canada.

There are more than 100 economic-class pathways to apply for Canadian immigration. Most programs rely on applicants’ work or study experience for qualifying. Here is a list of popular Canadian immigration programs that do not require applicants to have a prior job offer in Canada:

  • Federal Express Entry
  • Alberta Express Entry
  • Saskatchewan Express Entry and Occupations In-Demand
  • Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • BC Skills Immigration International Post-Graduate
  • Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities
You can go through our previous blog on Canadian Immigration Pathways Without a Job Offer for more information on mentioned pathways.
  • How important is it for families and businessmen around the Middle East to consider obtaining second citizenship?

Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are back on the travel and immigration radar of the UAE residents as recent travel restrictions were lifted & the economy is recovering.

By investing in second citizenship in these countries, businessmen open a secure and stable future for themselves and their families and not only because of the after-effects of COVID-19 or climate change.

At the moment, Canada is a very attractive place for investors. Many businesses with headquarters in the Middle East have either started a new business in Canada or acquired a franchisee of an existing business through Canada’s intra-company transfer (ICT) program.

With CanApprove’s services, clients receive assistance in their migration process as well as in the expansion of their business in Canada. Our experience documentation team will assist the clients throughout the ICT process – applying for work permits for the employees of the Canadian company, leading them to apply for permanent residency.

That’s all for this edition of FAQs on Canadian Immigration. Get to Part-1, Part-2, Part-3 & Part-4 of Understanding Canada Immigration to make an informed choice.

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