Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program

Nova Scotia fondly called as Canada’s Ocean Playground got its name as a result of its never-ending crystal-clear coastline. Nova Scotia is surrounded by islands and is also Canada’s second smallest province. Nova Scotia has a diverse & well-educated population and the province acts as an ideal place for international trade. Individuals immigrating to Nova Scotia end up enjoying a lot of benefits. One of the ways to enjoy the benefits would be to immigrate to Nova Scotia under the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program.
What is the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program?
The Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program is for individuals who have considerable business experience and have been owners or business managers. The Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program allows such individuals to immigrate to Nova Scotia and obtain a Canadian Permanent Residency on meeting the eligibility requirements as specified by the Nova Scotian Government.
Requirements to Migrate Under the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program: -
The Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program requires the applicant to meet certain requirements in order to be considered eligible for the immigration program. Below listed are the requirements an individual has to meet:
  • The interested candidate should possess a minimum net worth of at least CAD $600,000 which should be verifiable.
  • He/she willing to immigrate to Nova Scotia under the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program should make an investment of at least CAD $150,000 with which he/she should start off with a business in Nova Scotia.
  • The Nova Scotian Government makes sure that the applicant has had previous experience in business ownership or senior management, preferably a minimum period of 3 years.
  • The applicant should be able to prove his/her language proficiency by taking up IELTS Exams and procure a score between IELTS 4 – 6 bands which is considered as one of the primary immigration requirements.
  • The applicant should be willing to make an exploratory trip to Canada for 5 working days.
  • The applicant should be free from any convictions in their past.
  • The applicant should also not be diagnosed with any serious health issues.
  • He/she should submit an Online Expression of Interest after which he/she will receive an Invitation to Apply from the office of Nova Scotia Immigration.
Other Program Highlights About the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program: -
Investment Type
The Investment Type made under the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program can help the applicant open up a private enterprise or become a sole owner of a business or own up to 33% in a business.
Dependant Age Limit
If the primary applicant is bringing along with him/her a dependant, it should be noted that dependants aged above 22 will not be considered eligible for immigration.
Job Creation
The immigrant should be able to create a minimum of 2 jobs for Canadian residents (citizens & PR holders) .
Temporary Residence Visa
An individual immigrating under the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program will not be granted a Permanent Resident Visa. He/she will only get a Temporary Resident Visa at the beginning. The Temporary Resident Visa will be valid for a period of up to 2 years.
Permanent Resident Visa
The applicant will get a permanent resident visa after completing a year of his/her business commitments. In order to maintain the PR status, the applicant has to stay in Canada for a period of two years out of 5 years.
Processing Time
The processing time for Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program would take an approximate of 18 months and the Provincial Nominee Fee would be an approximate of CAD $3,000. Nova Scotia is an ideal place if you have high virtues on starting up a business & taking it to heights. The Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program provides you with the ideal opportunity to start up and run a business in an economy that quite strong and in an environment that is culturally diverse! To know more about the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program, get in touch with our team and check your eligibility to immigrate to Canada for free!